Bedroom/Office – Old photos

This is the second bedroom – the previous owner was using this space as an office, as you can see. I am moving the laundry facilities here and also will likely put my computer / office stuff in here. Possibly even a treadmill if space allows. I don’t know yet – gotta get the water and gas lines ran over here first and foremost. Umm…it just dawned on me I don’t know if the dryer in the house is even a gas-powered one for sure. Ruh-roh.

Featuring the previous owners stuff, again.

2 thoughts on “Bedroom/Office – Old photos

  1. Kola, that is a great idea. I just clicked around your site/blog. Gorgeous ideas on there! I love them all!!!! Following your blog now, can’t wait to see more ideas in the future 🙂


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