How I ended up raking leaves with a mop

Day One:
Murph, my good buddy, has wasted no time.

I set out to get rid of all the leaves in the (big) yard. It seemed as if they were never raked all Fall. There were huge patches of wet cakey leaves that had smothered the grass in patches. I bust out my leave blower, rake and Home Depot yard waste bags. (Since the flyers the Township gave me had all the curbside leave collection days in the weeks before I owned the house and I have not been able to find that darn Flux Capacitor to transport the leaves back in time, so I thought I would just bag them.)

I end up with 10 or so giant piles of leaves. This is generally an uneventful task, the bagging of the leaves is. My blower has a mulch attachment so I forget to zip the bag back up a few times and leave bits go blowing everywhere – but that is the highlight of the afternoon. Until I get thirsty.

I go inside for a drink of water and immediately smell it. I had stepped in a giant pile of ‘it’. I mean, it’s bad. There must have been a T-Rex in my neighborhood. It’s maybe the worst case the planet’s ever seen. I cannot get it cleaned up – even with the hose. No big. I keep spare sneakers in the car, so I just tossed those into the washer and go back out to bag more leaves. Not a big deal after all. Until I get thirsty.

I go inside for a drink of water and I find water, water EVERYWHERE in the kitchen. Scratching my head, I realize that the agitation of the sneaks had knocked the hose out of the sink toward the end of the wash cycle. I bust out the mop and then get back to my leaves, aggravated. Later, Steve comes over and I tell him to watch for wet floors. He offers to check it out and make sure that hose was, indeed, the problem and he wire-ties that sucker to the sink for me. Afterward, I hear Steve cracking up…Look what he found…
note A note was stuck up in there with a magnet.
Aaaaaaand that, my friends, is the story of how I ended up raking leaves with a mop. For the record, the next time I got thirsty that day, I went in for the damned beer, lol!

11 thoughts on “How I ended up raking leaves with a mop

  1. Ruth it is on my ceilings! its the crazy paper house! I am surprised that the cabinets and light fixtures are paper free. LOL. I will save some paper, thats a good idea!


  2. Ok, now you will need to save a scrap of wallpaper for your photo album
    many years ago I helped a friend remove wallpaper it was ,even on the kitchen ceiling !


  3. I love the yellow & black tile.. are you planning on keeping the tile ?
    that’s me I like the 50’s style , moms bathrm is purple & green tile
    hmmm, don’t know what to tell you about the bugs except for ~Good Luck with that !


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