Soda machine DIY!? (Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine at Firehouse Subs)

I just had to share a new discovery in DIY I happened across today.
Now, I don’t normally drink soda…unless I go out to the movies, which is rare these days. It’s just no good for you and I would rather use my ‘treat’ calories for something super good like chocolate or french fries. Today I went to the new Firehouse Subs in NE Philly during my lunch hour. I simply could not resist the soda machine that I came across at there – its a DIY soda machine unlike anything I have seen! Yes, yes, yes – all soda machines, fountain or otherwise, are technically DIY but this bad boy had a touch screen and 150 options, people! I chose Fanta Zero and then bunches of flavors in that category came up. I settled on a Peach Fanta Zero. Very cool. image

Here is a link to get info straight from Coca-Cola at the Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine proprietary site. You can put in your ZIP and it will tell you if there are any in your area. I also found a great, yet dated, article from the Examiner’s site if you want to learn even more. It has a video you can click through to see this baby in action.

As for Firehouse Subs: DELICIOUS! Best I have had in a long time. The subs are jam-packed with fixin’s and the whole thing is toasted till the cheese is all melty and perfect. I would think there will be more of these popping up in no time ’cause they make a great hoagie and they stand for a good cause, too. Click here to learn about or donate to their Hometown Heros cause! Check them out if you have one near ya – you won’t regret it.

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4 thoughts on “Soda machine DIY!? (Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine at Firehouse Subs)

  1. They have these machines at California Tortilla in The new Target Shopping center on Baltimore pike and 320! 🙂 You should check it out.. the food is amazing! Firehouse subs are all over in FL!


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