What the hell is a gigawatt?!?

Anyone out there get the reference? Hmm? Well, anyways, here we are in February and I am no closer to moving in but we are making progress!!! Woooo!

Had the electric service changed out two weeks ago and now we are adding outlets ourselves like crazy I tell you! When I say ‘we’ – I mean Dad and Steve. They have been working fast as all get out two days this week while I was at work they got the whole first floor almost done! (New post on that, soon.) Well, there is not too much to write about since I don’t know really know about the electric stuff so I will show you some pictures, instead. Enjoy!

Shiny happy electric stuffs!

Shiny happy electric stuffs!

Washer and Dryer were in the kitchen, so to disconnect those guys so they can go to their new location in the spare room.

My awesome boyfriend was kind enough to cap this gas line off for me so I did not make myself dead trying to DIY this one. Don’t DIY things that can kill you. Bad idea. Never do it! (Thank’s Babe!)

With the W&D moved outta the road the electrician was able to remove the ‘old box’ from the kitchen so that ‘new box’ can go live upstairs now. I am happy to report that ‘new box’ is settling in and happily making new friends with other household utilities up there.

‘Old box’ is going to ‘the farm’. Don’t be sad. He is going to be taken to be recycled into other fun new metal stuffs. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What the hell is a gigawatt?!?

  1. Well, best to have it all done and taken care of before moving in — all in good time well worth it !… looking good….
    hang in there ☺


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