Counting Pennies

This will (hopefully) be a recurring theme for many future posts. I will post more with the same title as I think of new little money saving tips to share.

If you know me in real-life, you know I love me some coupons! I am not all crazy about it like the TV shows, but I do use websites like to help me quickly locate coupons available for big ticket grocery items.

I also buy things like paper products at a club store. Only those items that are ‘worth it’ though, and I also get a discount on my club membership through work! I always try and stack coupons there to make sure I get the best deal!

Recently, I discovered a super-awesome deal. SUPER-AWESOME! Ever hear of Coinstar? Its a company that owns digital coin sorting machines. They are famously located in a local bank – and are free to use if you belong to said bank. Well, I used to belong. In light of recent events, I happened to have banned that bank for very decent reasons. (That’s for another rant post. But, yep, I have a banned list! And I’ll have you know that no business, small or large, has yet escaped it to earn another red cent from me, either!)

As usual, I digress…

While shopping at my local grocery store, I noticed that they, too, have a Coinstar machine. I googled them to see if the fee was any cheaper than the-bank-I-no-longer-belong-to’s non-customer fee. Now that I have no way to unload my change jar without manually putting them in those awful roll-thingys and then schlepping them to my new bank, they were really piling up! It wasn’t any better fee-wise, still about 10% to get cash for your coinage! However, at the non-bank locations, if you get a gift card instead of cash back there is no fee!!!!! No fee people! You can choose from all types of gift cards like grocery stores, ecommerce websites, iTunes, Nike, and more.

So, if you aren’t a member of that bank either, you can still keep all your money without the need to manually count your own stock piles change. Grab your change jar, check under those cushions, and go get your own gift card already! To find your nearest non-bank Coinstar machine and see available gift card options for each location, click here.

Obviously, I chose a Lowes gift card for house type stuffs! They don’t look like gift cards, they look like receipts. See?

20130314-233300.jpgThats okay, though. They really aren’t gifts if its your money, right? Ha! Don’t forget to like this post at the bottom! Peruse my old posts after, too. Why not sign up to be notified of new blog posts while you’re at it? Hmm?

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4 thoughts on “Counting Pennies

  1. So glad you write this. I’ve done this!!! MAkes so much more sense to cash in your change this way! there was a time when i was like 20 years old, a bank took all my coinstar change when I brought the tells the receipt bc they said I owed them money from a credit card from a couple years back. Yes I understand I still owed but that sucks! Go for the grocery store machines and get the g cards! Right on R:)


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