Flyers and Termites and Beers…Oh My!

Get it?

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!

Flyers and Termites and Beers…Oh My! Well, I thought it was clever, anyway. Read on and maybe it will make sense later.

Hockey came back. That means my Flyers are back (and workin’ on my nerves). Haven’t watched too many games – as I’ve been busy with house stuff. That’s not too sad ‘cause we are playing a little crazy this short season.

Termites = not fun. This is obvious but it is also why you haven’t heard from me in a bit. Dad started tearing out the wall in the kitchen while I was at work one day and discovered lots of crumbly bits all chewed up by termites. According to the previous owner, paperwork and neighbors, this-old-house had some termites back when. That was apparently taken care of…thats why the roof was redone completely in 2009. All better. Or so I thought. Nothing to be done now but tear away drywall until we find where they ended the feast. (Pray for me that dessert was served in the next room over, the bathroom.) Meanwhile, I feel terrible for Dad and Steve – they are fixing this for me mostly while I am at work. (Work: the place I go to earn money to pay off my Home Depot problem – LOL)

Here is a rundown of the termite fiasco:
Our long lost friends had the munchies so bad that the floor above had fallen over 2 inches and all the studs seemed shortened by almost as much! 20130315-154313.jpg

While the little critters don’t seem to live here any more, they sure did eat like kings when they did. They ate up a stud, down a stud, across the sill plate for a bit and skipped a stud here and there before going up another stud. 20130315-181006.jpg
This all means that Dad & Steve would need to use jacks to hold the house up while the repairs were being made. This took a bit as it was bad weather and Dad needed to wait until he could get his jacks here without getting them wet.
Dad & Steve jacked the ceiling back into its rightful place while I hoped the windows didn’t all bust as they are one of the few things I had planned on getting some mileage out of in this god forsaken cute little home of mine. Apparently, the right way to do it is to s l o w l y jack it up, half turn each week or something to that effect. That would take like 2 years – so I went with the option to cross my lovely fingers and let them just hoist it back into place all at once. Windows came out all okay thank goodness, ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for that. (hehe)

With the ceiling reinforced so the house didn’t cave in on itself they could add some good weight bearing studs back in. No more happy munching termite friends. 20130315-182935.jpg

It would be a shame about the house if it caved and I sure do like Dad and Steve a bunch. It would be a worse shame if I came home one day to only a driveway with Dad and Steve legs sticking out from underneath a pile of house. (Yeah that is another Oz reference, so what? )


Life Lesson: Inspections are not the end all. Dad was right about those inspections. They are a waste of money if you know what to look for. And they are not responsible for what you can’t see, like inside walls. At the end of the day, they have fine print at the bottom that says if they miss things inside walls and such, too bad, so sad.

That’s how come I don’t have a breakdown and my helpers don’t murder me. I always have a fully stocked beer fridge at the house. Perhaps not the most adult coping mechanism, but it helps pass the time on a Friday night when all the other girls are out getting to wear makeup and heels. I am usually climbing ladders, looking very much like powder as a result of drywall sanding. People tend to show up to help for free food and alcohol. I’ll leave you with a five photo synopsis of the findings. Cheers!









Coping Mechanism

Coping Mechanism

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