The Carpenters (…as in ants, not Richard & Karen)

Recall my last post about old termite damage? Yeah, well, about that…it is carpenter ants. Not was. IS. They ate my house and are still feasting. Yes, I had an inspection. Yes, the old owner disclosed old termite damage from ‘ages ago’ had been repaired – on the roof and new 2nd floor. I don’t think it was ever termites just these dudes. YES – they did a bad inspection, YES – the owner must have lied. YES – they all took my damned money and NO – I am unsure I can do anything about it. Such is life.

Thas-a no good!

Here is a visual diary of my misery:

This is what most of my house-guts look like.

As a result there are holes to outside world. Who needs walls anyway. I have been meaning to do more camping…

We think this was the hive. Hundreds came out with a little prodding.

More damaged house-guts.


Say hello to my little friend!


Yo, these guys are BIG sons’abitches!

The little one is Karen. The big one is Richard.

Richard is no more.

I took these buggers for a drive to the local exterminator to ensure they were Carpenter Ants and buy some chemicals that will make them DEAD! I did freak out a bit when I missed them and these dudes had to live in my car for a day or two. Kept thinking, geez, if they can munch through wood, then this bottle may not be off limits…

Found some things in the walls. Who would drop an ant trap back in the wall where they know they could never get it out? Back in the old school medicine cabinet slot where you put old sharps out to pasture. What would posess a person to do that…hmmm…not randomness…but maybe…

I think someone who noticed the house was way drafty and ceiling was sloping and saw a bunch of ants flying all over maybe would do that? No? Really? You don’t think?

Well, that is all there is to say about that. I am up a creek. And Richard and Karen ate my damned paddle! LOL!

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