It’s the medium things…

Here are two seemingly little things that were a BIG deal. First off, adding outlets outdoors is the bees-knees. Really. Last Fall I had to use a leaf blower with a 100ft power cord in sessions so I could run back in to unplug and work out of another window.


The other is all that trash! My trash guys hate me. No, really. They totally do. They once called the code inspector cause Dad asked if they would take the rotted 2×4’s if they chopped it up first. One guy said yes, and started helping toss it in the truck while other came around and said they don’t take contractor trash. Suspiciously & shortly thereafter, the code people’s came around.

A few weeks later they stickered a bag that was so not 50lbs, saying that they don’t take certain waste or trash or something like that. There were small bits of drywall in some bags so I think they opened it and snooped. But small bits of drywall? You are the trash men! Take it away and quit your whining already. I am not the first tax payer to remove drywall you…you…you stoopid head! Steve’s truck is labeled with a carpet company logo. Not contractor, no permits need to be pulled for carpet or tile work! Dad has a plain Ford truck that’s grey. Also, obviously not a contractor. What contractor doesn’t advertise on their work vehicles? Me? Well, I drive a flippin’ Prius. Do I even have to go there on this one? Any self-respecting American contractor would laugh at the mere suggestion they drove a Toyota, let alone a Prius!

Anyway, due to those visits from the Drama Llama I ended up stock-piling garbage. Steve took me to WM where I paid them to get rid of it all. It was really fun hurling things off the platform. Big things. The toilet ‘sploded when it hit bottom. Way cool and oddly therapeutic. Good stress reliever. Ha!


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