Jeepers, Creepers!

Decided to do some spring cleaning last weekend. I had to show you all the gross things that I found in the previous owners shed.

Now I don’t want to even THINK about the 17 year cicada brood that should be waiting about an inch below the surface of my lawn right about now. Ugh!

Enjoy! (Haha)





Mighty, miiiiight still be in that bucket. Don’t judge me, the trash cans were full and I wanted to keep the pail. So next week, next week…

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3 thoughts on “Jeepers, Creepers!

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  2. Wow, you know what I am talking about then! I would have never been able to let him live that one down without constant cracks about how he’s too scurred to go into the crawl space. Hahaha! That’s crazy that the cat would hop over the spot! Cats are cool like that with the intuition huh!?


  3. Don’t know how I ended up on this post.. but it made me laugh my ass off. My husband made me go into the crawl space years ago cause he claimed he couldn’t stand the tight space. sound fishy huh? I was tasked with putting the insulation back on the heat ducts under there. creepy place with spiders and other stuff…. and dark too. I was working along and low & behold I found this petrified rat. Yes.. dried up rodent!! (this rat we sent to our biker friend with a petrified cat.. seemed appropriate)

    The best part is for years our old cat Ziggy used to jump over a spot in our hallway. We joked for years about how he did the sheep jump. Guess what? That was right where the old rat was. He knew it was there with never have gone below.

    Love your post. Keep up the good work & GIRL POWER…. Batgurrl aka Robin or is it the other way around Robin aka da Batgirl

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