Jeepers, Creepers: Redux

Ok, so y’all know how much I hate creepy crawlies. Yet, somehow they keep comin’ around. Must be my charm.

Anyway, I have been religiously spraying Ortho Bug-B-Gon (r) out around the perimeter of the house. I have been overrun with Mosquitos and other crawlies. Biggest issue is the skeeters – with no water in the house, the hose is the only option. No fun being mosquito bait, I tell you!

If you have been around the disaster work zone as of late you will recall that there was a lake with a mountain of stuffs in it at a nearby back yard. Actually, I suppose the shining mountain is what caused the lake in the first place, but its not relevant now. That’s mostly cleaned up but there is still a smattering of, we’ll, just stuff. I mean lots of stuff. Stuff that can collect water and create a plethora of perfect damp hideaways. Hideaways for the unholy West-Nile carrying jerk faces to happily continue to breed and raise nasty little baby unholy West-Nile carrying jerk faces. I am outnumbered. I am losing the war, here People! The spray works sorta okay for a few days…then just sorta for a few days more. Oh we’ll, Fall will come soon enough.


In happier news, the carpenter ants seem to be gone, but now with the kitchen gutted I am getting beetles. I thought they were roaches at first, but after some research it turns out to be patent-leather beetles. Not too happy about that. Hoping they’ll go away after I get the walls back up in the kitchen.



Lastly, we have house centipedes. Just look at those mutha’s:

20130724-214255.jpg These things are TERRIFYING. Really. Don’t even mind the bazillions of spiders now that I haves exhanged pleasantries with these little monsters. They ARE monsters, too.

One such little beast challenged me to a battle.

(Place your bets now, please).

I had moved a slab of wallboard over to get to some supplies I had in the closet. He was chillin back there on the back and I passed by without noticing him, as the room has no lighting yet. I wish I took a pic of the insane bite I got on my leg now ’cause I think it was this little charmer. Mosquito bites usually get really giant on me but I had one with a silver dollar red blotch with two larger rings of lighter color red radiating out. Any-who, I was scurrrrrred to smash him since he was playing possum sideways on the drywall remnant since unholy things like bugs often don’t succumb to the laws of gravity. If I missed and he fell, gravity would, however briefly, apply to this creature – the floors are dark, the space is small and, again, no lighting to aid me. And he was about 3 inches long. I’d be creaped out forever knowing he got away. Can’t have that.
So I got my crap shop vac and went in with no cover. Lined it up behind him. Moved it closer…closer…easy now…closer…wait for it…I got him now….


Little jerk scurried a foot ahead on the wall board. Annoyed and feeling braver I jammed the shop vac hose right up to his hiney. He scurried another foot. This. Can’t. Be. Happening. Enter plan B.

I grabbed my ant killer stuff and sprayed him over and over. He just ran away. Never to bee seen again, I hope. Now I am creeped out forever knowing that he got away. Need to get these walls closed up so this type of evil monster cannot get in to the house. So, yeah, I lost that battle.

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5 thoughts on “Jeepers, Creepers: Redux

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  2. Hi Roni, Did you get my email on non-tonic, natural pest control …. bugs, insects ,etc. be careful with using poison. I know you want bugs be gone but, those poisons are harmful to the Environment and YOU !!!!!! be safe – You will win this battle ,


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