Workin’ Girl Snacks – ZonePerfect® Greek Yogurt Bars

So I recently was asked to join an online review community called Influester. You review products and give honest opinions. If you do enough reviews you can be eligible for a fantastical thing called a Vox Box. Themed boxes are put together a few times a year and if they happen to be focused around your areas of specialty, you are eligible for a cool box of swag. The catch is you are expected to try, review, photograph, blog etc for the items you review. It’s based off an honor system. You don’t hold up your end, you won’t get any future boxes.

I received some really delicious, fairly healthy, snacks in my Good Life Vox. I have since purchased more at retail of some of the products — or I would not be putting them on my personal blog. Here is one I have been snacking on while I work at the house. Keeps me held over when I get to the point of “Oh, yeah, I am staaaarving!” It is at that point that I usually realize I have a good hour left to finish the task at hand and then still need to clean up! (You will recall I still have no kitchen, so I have been reaching for anything prepackaged that will hold me over.) Since the Vox, I have added these little gems to my house workin’ arsenal:



I have been stashing these in my purse, too, for on-the-go snackage. Good eats.


I got the Greek Yogurt Raspberry in my Vox and that was very good. I don’t usually go for the fruity bars. These are not overtly sweet and they still pack good fruit flavor. They are a good consistency, very crunchy on the inside. At 190 calories, they they keep me held over to meal time.

Since I liked the sample so much I have since bought the Greek Yogurt Chocolate at Target. (link to vine vid). Even better. Those have very rich chocolate flavor and I think that if I was craving a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream or a chocolate treat this would be a perfect substitution. I happen to work in a chocolate factory so I almost never crave chocolate since I smell it at work 50 hours a week!


All in all I’d recommend folks try these and I am looking forward to trying any the other flavors they come up with in the future.

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I received the raspberry bar, shown above, complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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