Padded Door: Retro-Lovely or Accessory to Crime?

So here’s the first thing I worked out after buying and old home: people do some super-weird things to their homes. So what? What could be so outrageous that it could warrant a ranting blog post? Oh, nothing much at all – just a vinyl-upholstered door. No biggie. Totally normal stuff over here. Wanna see?

Prepare thyself:

That is what’s left of the door on the second floor. I have wondered why it was padded since I bought the place. Maybe the reason was to fit in with the jungle décor the previous owners had going. Here is what it used to look like up there:



Or, more interestingly, perhaps they kept their victims up there? That padding would have been for BEFORE they became bodies, of course. Thats totally why they would have needed it – for sound-proofing, right?

Either way, having recently put in new door hardware, it was time I addressed the creepy upholstered door. Uncle Steve and I began to pull off the tacks (brads? whatever you want to call them), in an effort to remove that padding once and for all. As the fabric loosened, we were surprised by what we found. Take a gander at this:

The padding had fiberglass insulation inside!? Someone decided it would be a good idea to put fiberglass insulation on the back of a door. Not really sure what that was all about, but I’m pretty sure the creator had to think they had a stroke of genius with that gem of an idea. I do vaguely recall the seller saying the previous owner complained about the house being drafty. One reason for that, now VERY clear to me, was that Richard and Karen had moved in and (literally) eaten 1/2 the house. Another reason, is simply that it is an old home built without insulation. The original owners later used blown-in insulation and I am going through and insulating everything else as we open areas of the exterior walls. (I’m using this kick-butt stone wool insulation, too. It’s called Roxul. It is fabulous and you can expect a posting on that shortly.)

Back to the door, I find the whole thing very odd. Very odd, indeed. I am annoyed that they put all those holes in such a solid, well built, door. Look at this mess:
But the typography on the back of the insulation is kinda gorgeous. So retro-lovely, dontcha think?
I guess maybe that’s the look they were going for all along with this project, huh? Retro lovely. That’s probably it but thats not as fun as getting to tell people that they held captives in my attic. I’m going to tell the kiddos it was the latter anyway. Keep ’em in line, right? Kidding! Well, sorta kidding. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Padded Door: Retro-Lovely or Accessory to Crime?

  1. Ok You’re right, padded door is CREEPY! But I LOVE that lounge chair in the before picture. I can just imagine sitting there all lounged out, listening to the White album (OK maybe not)..thinking “that padded door makes all the difference in the acoustics”…snortLOL!


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