Does this post make me a bad person?

These days, often shop at Big Orange. I mindlessly wander through the aisles picking up repeat-purchase items like joint compound and painters tape. Pretty boring stuff, really. Recently, I returned home from one of these Big Orange trips $40 poorer and lost in thought about what-in-the-world I should blog about next. As I wracked my brain, I decided to take a look through some older pictures from the house. Maybe I could come up with an idea that way? As I searched through, I happened across this image:
Joint compound Joint compound on a cart. Fancy! Big whoop, right?


I have been going through this stuff like crazy this year – but I never actually read the label. And by read, I mean never even looked at, not even once. Don’t worry – this isn’t a rant about carcinogens or anything depressing like that. Its all about making fun of what I see on said label. Now you may not agree, and I may be labeled a bad person, but I happen to believe this is funny and I’m willing to come clean and risk it! Take a good look for yourself:Funny joint compound label

Now, obviously I would never want anyone to get hurt, let alone a child! It’s just that this particular illustration sucks mightily and it makes me giggle. I can’t help myself. It’s REALLY funny. Come on, admit it, that cartoon child has got jazz hands and footy pajamas, people! Take a closer look:
Funny joint compound label
Don’t judge me, you know you think it’s funny, too.

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