Updated Exterior Lights

Pretty straightforward post here, people: my old exterior lights were busted and installed incorrectly. Armed with a gift card I got from Coinstar, I headed to Big Blue and picked up two Portfolio Litshire outdoor lights.

Portfolio Litshire lights

Portfolio Litshire outdoor lights

The front light went on perfectly, but the back light needed some finagling. The awning was hung right-smack in the way of the old fixture. Light doesn’t shine through metal on this planet, so it was futile to put the new light in the same place. Relocating wasn’t going to create a huge eyesore in hacking up my siding, either. The old fixture was hung only from a small hole – just large enough for the live wire to poke though. Super safe.
Dad found a better spot and cut away the siding to properly allow for the light to be supported. In no time, he had the shiny new work box installed to hold all the electrical bits safe and sound.

Then I added a bit of caulk to keep the moisture and rain out.20131022-131234.jpg


Hangs low enough now

Pretty new light!

Pretty new Litshire light!

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

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