Zom-beh Mini Cupcakes

I recently made Zom-beh mini cupcakes and received several requests for the deets on how to make ’em, so here you go!

Zom-beh cupcakes are easy to make!

Zom-beh cupcakes are easy to make!

I figured out what I wanted to do after seeing a similar DIY at the blog Boulder Locavore for graveyard cupcakes. (That is a seriously rad blog and loads of cool Halloween ideas can be found there.) Seeing as I am obsessed with zombies – y’all know I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead – I decided to change it up and make my cupcakes of the Zom-beh variety.

Stuff you need to zombify your treats:
• Chocolate Cake Mix (makes about 48 minis)
• Mini Cupcake Pan(s)
• Mini Cupcake Liners
• Crushed Chocolate Graham Crackers
• Chocolate Icing
Candy Body Parts & Gummy Worms, cut in half

Step 1
To begin, make those cupcakes! I used boxed mix with mini cupcake trays. If you plan on using mini trays with a regular cake recipe, be sure and reduce your oven heat and bake times. I reduce around ten degrees and about 6 minutes or so on the bake time. Remember, those instructions you see on the box are made for the bigger cupcakes, not minis!

Begin with plain old cupcakes.

Begin with plain old cupcakes.

Holiday liners add to the look.

Holiday liners add to the look.

Got your cupcakes? Good!

Step 2
Ice all those bad-boys with the chocolate icing.

Ice all your cupcakes.

Step 3
Fill a shallow bowl with one sleeve of crushed crackers. Gently roll tops of your cupcakes in the bowl of crunchy chocolatey goodness. Looks like dirt, dudn’t it? Nasty – yet, delicious.


Step 4
Gather up your gummy candy (I needed 24 parts, each cut in half, for my batch). Take the body part-parts and press them down into each cupcake. If your parts won’t stick, dab the bottoms into some of the leftover icing and try again.  Voilà! That’s it!
Zom-beh mini cupcakes.

Zom-beh food.

Zom-beh food.

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