What in the world?

In school, I was part of the gifted educational program. Sounds prestigious, but really it meant that students left regular school one day a week to go to another school and do more work. When the students got back to regular school they had to make up the regular stuff they had missed over their weekends. More work, less free time. Anyway, one teacher that I had for that program in middle school would do a mini-presentation once a month, he called What In The World. He’d bring in all sorts of crazy things – some extraordinary and some just plain…creepy. We were presented with items ranging from Himitsu-Bako (Japanese puzzle boxes) to giant hissing cockroaches from Madagascar. We even tasted rando food, like octopus, as part of the exercises. It was all really very neat.

More recently, those What In The World memories came to mind while I was doing yard work. I was pulling some weeds  and I noticed something funky smack in the middle of my front yard. A big tall weed was sticking straight up, so I gave it yank and this is what I found on the other end:


Now I’m pretty sure that, good sirs, is a turnip. Iddn’t it? I didn’t know What In The World it was at first glance. Thanks for the trip down memory lane rando-turnip!

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