Product Review: Roxul Stone Wool Insulation

My opinion on using Roxul Stone wool insulation? In two words: use it! This stuff is great, man! It is more expensive than the fiberglass rolls but it goes up so fast that alone is likely going to be worth it for you. Better yet, it doesn’t make you itch like crazy when you have to modify the shape it comes in and it’s fire and water resistant. It’s made from stone and a byproduct from steel production, so it’s a sort of a recycled product. That byproduct would be in a landfill otherwise.

Also, did I mention that you can cut this stuff with a knife. A run of the mill, ordinary, kitchen knife! How crazy is that? While you are slicing and dicing insulation with your kitchen knife, you’ll find you have little to no waste left. You can use the offcuts to pack in and around odd pipes and other obstacles. I was even able to jam this stuff right up to my high hat casings!

Final word: my house is a lot warmer and less drafty than it was before we redid rooms with this stuff. I purchased the Comfort Batt for the exterior kitchen wall and the second floor. For the walls that we opened that are interior I purchased Safe n’ Sound. The Comfort Batt is thermal insulation while the Safe n’ Sound is more for soundproofing.

They don’t normally sell this stuff at most Big Orange or Big Blue stores but both allow you to order it online for free site-to-store shipping. It took only days to get mine. Find out what kind you’ll need by visiting the manufacturers website.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the product in action at my house. If you found this review helpful please click below and share on your social media site of choice.
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