Gettin’ me some Blogercise! (My resolution for the new year)

I need to make one of those resolution thingys, guys. I need to get this blog moving again for the new year. For serious! I joined a blogging challenge to help get me back on track. I mean, I want to blog, I just have gotten so behind that its a bit daunting to sort through all the content I have waiting for me.

Okay, so we have established that I have been slacking. I thought (foolishly) that finally moving in to the house would be great for the blog – that I would now get to all the little bloggy type things and have so much more time to craft my heart out and create content for blog. NOPE! Complete blogging standstill and my walls are still bare just staring at me, waiting for filling with all-things-awesome that have yet to be created.

Well, I think its about time that I get back into blogging-shape, don’t you? The challenge suggested writing about who and why behind our blogs. Well, for me and Losing Screws, things have changed. With the move-in now complete, Losing Screws needs a second look – it needs a new look. It needs reorganization. It needs more posts. It needs my attention!

I fired it up in the first place because I like to bake, craft, up-cycle and to make all my own “stuff ” whenever possible, across all categories of life. In the beginning, I bought the fixer-upper and needed to do a whole lot of work that I didn’t understand and was in no way prepared for – so I thought that would be a better time than never to get blogging. There were loads of projects to build content laid out before me when I started looking for a house in 2012. Now that I am all moved in and back to my normal craftiness, I sort of hit a wall. Reevaluating the reason I want to keep up this blog is step one of the solution to that problem.

I love to create things and I don’t color inside the lines all of the time. Sometimes that can a catalyst for some crafty awesomeness and at others it makes for some really funny stories. I still want to share those stories and experiences. That’s why I am making this resolution to get this blog back into shape. Look for some new crafty content, a new blog look and those long overdue before-and-after photos of the hizzie.

More on that later – I need to go and get some Blogercise, people!

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8 thoughts on “Gettin’ me some Blogercise! (My resolution for the new year)

  1. Good post to start 2015!
    I also moved to a new location last year and was thinking exactly the same: “Moving into a house will result in plenty new stories to blog about. And don’t forget the beautiful garden”.
    But I wrote only two posts – through the whole year 😦

    Hope this year I’ll find my motivation somewhere lying around and waiting for action.
    Curious what you will have to blog in 2015.

    Best wishes

    PS: I like the new theme – looks very clean.

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