Wooden Candle Stick Upcycle

I love metal candle stick holders but they are a FORTUNE – and to find a staggered set of 3 for pillar candles is near impossible. Not to mention that a single bronze one (that is good quality) can run you $45-1250!

Found these really nondescript candlestick holder thing-a-ma-bobber’s in a furniture store that was going out of business. The label on the bottom says that they are THT Designs, whose website sells them for 79.99 a set. Nope! They were only $7 for the set of three. I HAD to get them to try and upcycle at that price so I bought the two remaining sets. They were distressed in a shabby chic style and the colors didn’t work in my world: Red, Blue and Green.

So, quick trip to “Big Orange” and I found this kick ass hammered metal spray paint to make them new and purdy. I chose Dark Bronze, it was less than $7 and one can did all six candle holders! The paint worked really well and I would totally use it again when I need to put a coat of awesome on something crafty. Its thick and covers easy and fast. Dries shiny and aged and perfect! Not to bad for a project total of $20 and change, right?! Check it out:

Wooden Candlestick Upcycle



If you want to look into the product I used, look for Rust-oleum in your local home improvement or craft store.  The full list of Hammered and Forged Hammered offerings are also listed on Rust-oleum’s site:  Universal® Hammered Spray Paint.

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