A lexicon of (mostly) my (mostly) made up stuff. A record of linguistic inventory. A wordbook of Roni, if you will. Occasionally, I will link back here if I think readers may not know what in the heck I am talking about.
Blogercise – Putting in major amounts of work on the blog after a sustained period of slackage.

Cleaveland – Cleavage.

Craptastic – Something that is so entirely shitty, it’s on its way full circle straight back to fantastic.
“Work was closed early today but then I was stuck on I-95 for two hours anyway, isn’t that just craptastic?”

Fantastical – Something that is so good and magical that one can hardly be believe said ‘something’ actually exists.
“Dee’s Teddy Graham dip was fantastical.”

Flibble-Flabble – Jiggly flab. Noun or verb, you decide.
“That person shouldn’t wear spandex, you can see her flibble-flabble.”

For serious! – Something which is true and in accordance with reality, but perhaps not so readily believable.
“I just saw a grown man wearing a tutu in the supermarket. For serious!”

Gihugic – [Pronounced juh-eye-huge-ic] Used to describe a really large sons’abitch.
“Oprah Winfrey’s bank account is gihugic.”

Gods of Google – Whom I ask when I have NO CLUE. Because everything on the internet is true.

Healthify – Make something more healthy.

Murph – Murphy’s Law personified.
“Had a visit from my good buddy Murph, today. I slipped on the ice and dropped the pie I made.”

OPP – While I got much love for the 90’s, I’m not talking about any army with harmony here… Here, OPP stands for “Other People’s Projects”

Redic – Ridiculous or ridiculously.
“I can’t believe how redic this dude is being!”

Rando – Random.
“I can’t rando it was when the checkout lady had the same name as me!”

Slackage – Slacking off in a major way.

Serial – Seriously. Since this one is already a word, it only applies in certain conversations.
“Jen won $500 in a raffle!”
“No way, she didn’t!” (says the other person)

Skurrrrt! – [This is spoken as a sound effect.] Meaning slow down, pump the brakes! This one is taken from the bestie, Riggs.

Sons’abitch – Son of a Bitch, only more polite!

Toe Sneakers – Ugh. Gross. What I call these things.

Toosh – [Pronounced tew-sh] Touchè (stolen from the Sonic commerical, but no on EVER gets the reference.)

If you know me and can think of more weird crap I say, please leave it in the comments and I will add. (And no I didn’t win $500.) * sigh *


12 thoughts on “Roni-isms

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  5. Here’s one for you. Figna – fixing to as in I’m fixing to go to the movies.
    Hahaha. My kids and their friends drove me crazy when in high school with that. It was like they were too lazy to pronouce 2 words. And is that even good english? ~Elle

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