Quick Sticker Removal

I don’ t know about you but I really wish the companies I buy supplies from would all start using peel-clean stickers. It STINKS trying to remove those things. The nasty residue that is always leftover is the devil incarnate. Well, if your product is metal or glass I have a way to remove those sticky labels with the quickness.

If you don’t own a heat gun, you can go ahead and use a blow dryer. Please note that the heat gun and/or dryer will make stuff hot. So use your noggin’ and don’t hurt yourself! Also, as noted in the video, this is not advisable on plastic or painted surfaces as the technique used here may damage such surfaces.


5 thoughts on “Quick Sticker Removal

    • It works so fast on all the stuff I used this on. I tried so many time consuming things, soak in dish soap, rubbing alcohol on materials that can take that abuse, water and baking soda mix…all of which I still try and mess with if surface is plastic or painted. Those labels are evil!

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  1. Freeze the plastic to about -10 C. This way the plastic won’t break but the stickers glue gives up and the sticker can easily be removed – worked for me. Give it a try.
    Would like to hear it it has worked or not. Cheers.

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