My birthday present from Murph!

Heading to my mans birthday dinner. Murph shows up with a birthday present for me (my birthday is tomorrow). A leaking ceiling. Murph, you really shouldn’t have! No, like, really, Dude. I’m sure glad I never got around to patching the ceiling up from last time! Womp womp!


13 thoughts on “My birthday present from Murph!

  1. Really? Dude? Murph, can you please get lost for a second and let beautiful Mrs. McD celebrate her birthday?
    What a s. of a b.

    But hope you had a nice day anyway.

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    • thanks! At least its already all torn up there so its not the end of the world. I was so upset the first time the issue happened as that was the first room I finished! Or thought I had… hehe

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