Resolution, shmezolution…

I didn’t make any get-fit resolution…but I have been to the gym 62 out of the last 65 days so I’m kinda on that resolutiony trajectory anyways, really. I just like working out, its my ‘me’ time. (Clearly I just like eating, too, ’cause I still have some weight to loose, ha!) I just was noticing last night that it is finally getting empty at the gym – the resolution crowd is officially starting to slack off. Back to the regulars, as the after holiday gym crowds fade (at least at my Y).

I got this email from FitBit touting a new promo they are doing to feed the hungry, FitForFood. From 2/3-3/3 they are translating all the active calories burned into food donations for those that need them. I think that is an infinitely cool gesture. I figured I’d sign up since I’ll be working out anyway, right!? Check it out:

It would be way rad if they made the goal of a billion calories in 1/2 the time. I’m gonna help them kill it, if you’re a FitBit user think about joining the FitForFood hoopla. It’s free to participate (though you do need a FitBit) and people need the help. If you use a FitBit and wanna be friends I’m ronimcd on there, and I love the friendly challenges.

Have you ever done any fitness-based activity for a charity? I’d like to hear about it. If you haven’t did you make a different kind of resolution, are you keeping up with it?

Thanks for reading &
stay crafty my friends,
❤ Roni

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