The Liebster!


Ok. So if you don’t know about the Liebster you may have clicked right on in here looking for an ode to Rob Schneieders 1991ish Richmiester. Don’t want to disappoint so if you did get your fix here. So what’s up with this Liebster, anyway? I’ve been nominated by the lovely Lorna Syred over at Just Words for the Liebster Award. That’s what’s up! Lorna is a writer and teacher across the pond from me and she keeps a very awesome blog. When you stop by Just Words, be sure to check out her About page where you will find links to all of her writings not just those you will find on her blog. Shes made many online contributions has an Amazon Author page and one day there may be a novel!

Update: I was also nominated by Kassandra over at Lost Girl. She blogs about the stories she is working on and also writes about many other topics like makeup and life happenings. She also takes great photos and shares them on her page with links to her Instagram and Pinterest. The Rants section is my favorite. Check out one of my favorites: Eating an Orange with a Fork. Go check it out!

Lorna’s Questions to Me:

  1. Think back through your last full day. What would you have changed and why?
    That would be three nights ago – I would’ve gone to bed much sooner! That is because it’s thrown my sleep schedule off all week and I’m super busy at work and home and now very very very overtired, too!
  2. Do you regret losing touch with anyone, and why do you think it is too late to rekindle the friendship?
    Sure. Lots of old friends from college, high school and graduate school. It’s too late because we live all across the country and, in some cases, on totally different continents.
  3. What did you say or do that made someone feel good today?
    I complemented a coworker’s outfit.
  4. Look up nearly 45 degrees. What do you see?
    The Gods of Google have shown me an old article (from Alabama) from February 13, 2012. It’s all about sleet and it being 45 degree temperature. Apparently that is very odd.
  5. Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Why/why not?
    By the Power of Grayskull, YES! It’s Friday tomorrow and let me point you right back up to my answer to Question 1! I can SLEEP tomorrow…after that pesky work thing.
  6. West Wing, Downton Abbey, The Killing, Doctor Who, Lost or The Simpsons?
    That’s a loaded question! What I mood am I in? Depends on the day, even! The only one there I haven’t seen is West Wing. But I gotta answer so right now I am so  into Downton. I am one episode behind and so will go with that.
  7. Brontes, Austen, Wodehouse, Nesbo or Patterson.
    Brontes since I get two (Emily and Charlotte) and I am greedy about books. Unless you got something with zombies, been into that type of nonsense lately.
  8. What was the last rude comment you had to keep in and to whom?
    Not really a comment, but there was a ghastly gasp I had to hold in last night. There was a guy, running next to me on a treadmill, and he had on those nasty awful toe sneaker thingys. Oh the horror!
  9. How did you sleep last night? Terribly.
  10. What would be your parallel life? If I could influence it to be in my favor I would either be super rich so I could juts volunteer at museums for free instead of go to work.
  11. There was no 11 so I’m just gonna say, “Hi there lovlies!”

Kassandra’s Questions to Me:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
    I wanted to share my crafting and homemaking projects and make people laugh while I was at if I could.
  2. If you could make a living blogging would you quit your current job?
    Probably not…though that would be awesome to work on crafting new things all day to share. How much money we talkin’ here? haha!
  3. What topic do you wish you could blog about, but are too afraid?
    People I know in life but I worry they’d find out and have hurt feelings.
  4. Do you share your blog with family and friends?
    I do. (They probably wish I would quit…)
  5. Has your blog ever upset a family member or friend?
    Nope. There is still time though! [Insert evil laugh here.]
  6. Everyone on earth subscribed to your blog, what would your next blog post be about?
    A big fat groveling “thank you” post. Wait. If that actually happened I would have more likely done something epically stupid to get the traffic. In that case a big fat groveling “I’m sorry” blog.
  7. Name one celebrity you wish was reading your blog. (This person can be living or dead.)
    If Murphy’s Law counted as a person her/him. Since that’s crap, I’ll go with a singer like Shane McGowen from the Pogues. Or Toby Keith. Maybe then I could get some sweet tickets on the cheep. 🙂
  8. Who/what is your favorite blogger/blog?
    Ben’s Bitter Blog. HYSTERICAL.
  9. Would you ever want to collaborate on a post with another blogger?
    Sure. Why not? That could be rad.
  10. Which blog topic is your guilty pleasure?
    DIY & Craft projects that are functional and not just pretty to look at.
  11. What is the one thing you really dislike about blogging?
    Trying to find time to get with the bloggin’!

New Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite professional sports team?
  2. What’s your favorite comedy (book, movie, anything like that)?
  3. Darth Vader VS the Predator. Who’d win?
  4. Would you rather live with The Jetsons or The Flintstones?
  5. Whats scarier Hitchcock’s movies or Stephen King’s books?
  6. If you had to give up either all sweets or breads – for the rest of your life – which one do you lose?
  7. How old is your Blog?
  8. Reading or Listening to Music what’s your pick?
  9. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  10. What is your most favorite vacation (real or imagined)?
  11. Peanut Butter + Chocolate or Mint + Chocolate?

My Nominees:

  1. The Peacocks Nest
  2. Hel on Heels
  3. Project That
  4. Italian Hurricane
  5. The Zen of Gerbil
  6. Great Follies
  7. The Cinema Bliss
  8. Healthy Squeeze
  9. coming soon
  10. coming soon
  11. coming soon

The Rules for the Nominees:

  1. Display the Liebster award on your blog.
  2. Thank and link back to your nominator.
  3. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with about 200 or fewer followers and link to them.
  5. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees.
  6. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media.

Thank you again for your visits, comments, follows and all around awesomeness. I totally appreciate you guys and I hope that I don’t disappoint!

Stay crafty my friends,
❤ Roni

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