OPP: A&K’s Spa in a Jar Gifts


Its Friday – OPP day! For those of you that are new, it stands for Other People’s Projects. My good friend, Kerry is a new blogger and she is one hell of a crafter and baker! I wanted to share a fantastic project with you that she gave me as a holiday gift. Kerry created Spa Jars and they are the most amazing – ever. Check this slideshow out:

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You can’t tell me that they are not amaze-ball-jars! (See what I did there? Amaze-balls…Ball-jars…no? Well, I thought it was funny.)

Kerrys Jars included:
• 1 blue Ball jar
• 2 bath fizzies
• 1 flavored chapstick
• 1 mini manicure set
• 2 emory boards
• 1 mini bath scrubbie
• dark and light blue confetti grass

To make these gifts, Kerry simply put the confetti in the jar then followed with all the goodies. After that she ingeniously used the scrubbie as the bow and customized the lids with her own labels. You can duplicate her awesomeness to make your own spa gifts. If you can’t find all of the items listed above, go ahead and customize your jars however you’d like with what you can find.

Leave a note below with the goodies you’d like to use – we would love to hear all about them! And don’t forget to stop and see Kerry over at The Dragonfly Square.

Thanks for reading!
Stay crafty my friends,
❤ Roni

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