OPP: Getting Crafty

Happy Valentines Day! This week’s OPP post is a reblog of a lovely Valentine project from Motherhood, One Bite at a Time. Keep reading for an adorable project to make your own holiday heart. Love it so so so much? Then why not customize with another shape for a year-round look. This would also be a great project to do with the kiddos – supervised of course!

Stay crafty my friends, ❤ Roni

Mastering Motherhood

One of my biggest passions is crafting. I love filling my home with things that I make. It seems to add a much more personal touch than something I can buy at the store. Every once in a while, I hope to share with you what I have been working on.

Since I am not a huge football fan, I spent part of my Superbowl Sunday playing around with some string art. I have seen it all over Pinterest and thought that I would try my hand at it.


I’m super excited by how my first project turned out. I wanted something to put on my mantel for Valentine’s Day, and I think it was a success!

photo 5

Below you will find instructions and pictures on how to make your very own Valentine’s heart string art 🙂

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