DIY Hanging Jars

Hi crafters,

I have a tiny bathroom with barely any counter (or storage) space, so it gets messy pretty fast. I was regularly spending 20 minutes on clean up after I showered or did my hair! (Serial – It was like teenage mayhem in there and I’m in my 30’s, people!) I desperately needed a solution to keep girl clutter necessities to a minimum in terms of mess. I created hanging magnetic jars to address the problem.

magentic jars

Wanna get you some to rescue your space from clutter? Thought you might. Read on:

Prep Work: Before you begin, measure the width and the depth of the underside of your cabinet. Use need these numbers to make sure you buy project supplies that fit your available space.


  • Jars with metal lids
    I used 8oz glass mason jars. Old jelly jars would even work if you want to upcycle.
  • Industrial  strength glue or epoxy*
    Don’t bother with brittle super glues, go with industrial acrylic or silicone based adhesives.
  • Industrial strength Magnets
    I used 1″ Neodymium Rare Earth magnets.
  • Mending Plates
    I used 6″ mending plates. Look in your home improvement store’s hardware aisle.
  • Printed Felt or cardboard (optional)
  • Paint Pen, Marker or custom stickers of your choice to label your jars. (optional)

* You can glue the lids right to the cabinet or underside of any shelf if you are not concerned with the permanence. I, myself, have commitment issues. Plus the damned jars were so hard to find I want to take them with me if I ever (Dad, Steve, cover your ears) decided to move. If your cabinet is deep you can skip the glue and use screws for your plates.


  1. Glue the mending plates to the underside of your cabinet. I used 6″ mending plates and construction adhesive.
  2. Remove any labels from your jars.
  3. Glue your Magnets to the underside of your lids.
  4. Trace the outline of your lids onto the felt with a chalk pencil. Cut out the circles. Next, glue the circles inside the lids to cover the magnets.
  5. Label your jars. I used paint pens but you could also use labels.
  6. Fill up your jars.
  7. Attach your jars to the metal bars.
  8. Behold your awesome project.

Be carefully crafty, though, ok? Make sure that you buy strong enough magnets and that you use the right glue. You don’t want the jars falling off and shattering or chipping your sink! I weighed my jars before I bought the magnets and my heaviest one was a 1/2 lb after I filled it up. Choose magnets with an appropriate pull force for your project – you can find that info on K&J.

Price: My personal project cost was $8.12 per jar. I think that is a good price for a customized solution, don’t you?
[8 magnets = $20.58, 4 plates = $7.92, 4 jars = $3.98 (with 50% off coupon). I already had adhesive, paint pens, felt and the items to fill the jars.]

Sharing is caring – so go ahead and reblog, Pin, and share on social media to your hearts desire! And don’t forget to come back here and tell us how you used this DIY tutorial. I’d love to hear all about it.

Stay crafty my friends,
❤ Roni



13 thoughts on “DIY Hanging Jars

  1. Oh really fabulous idea! I have a smaller bathroom and things like Q-tips, scrungies, bobby pins, and cotton swabs are in containers on the counter, making it cluttered. This is the perfect solution! And, I’ve been collecting jam and jelly jars for years, and now I know what I can do with them!

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  2. Really like this idea. Glad you included all the detail about the magnets because that had me wondering. I also like the way you lettered the names on the jars with the paint pen. The look seems totally appropriate for those jars.

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    • Thanks Karl! The magnets I bought are the 1″ 3/32″ pull force 9.8 per their chart. My jars were 1/2lb filled. I used 2 per lid because I wanted more surface of the magnet on the lid to make sure I didn’t have to worry about aligning the magnetic part when I put back the jars. (They sell huge flat magnets but they are very expensive)


  3. Nice Roni! My husband uses our really small bathroom (because we all have to get ready at the same time in the morning) and I’m thinking I might do this as a gift for him, so will credit you if I blog about it. x

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  4. This looks pretty cool, artsy and modern. Hanging jars you say….I think I need more storage too. Or it could be that I am accumulating a lot of junk. Even for a bathroom. 🙂 cool stuff though.

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    • Thank you! my bathroom is somthing like 5×9 including the tub and sink so its SMALLLLLLL! But I hear you on the accumulation of stuff. i have a whole room of that stuff I need to sort through after my move.

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      • That dreaded word…move, I am sorry friend moving is such a task and not a good one 🙂 but you can find tons of things that you may not have otherwise came across again.


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