OPP: 2015 Flower Show (DISNEY THEME!)

Hey all,

Today’s OPP post is a collection of other peoples projects. I recently attended the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show, which benefits the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The show is the longest running of its kind and has amazing themes each year. This year was “Celebrate the Movies” and it was FANTASTICAL! Most exhibits were artistic takes on Disney classics and I got to see ’em all thanks to a rad birthday present from Sharon.

Without further ado, here are the pictures that Sharon* and I took!



Peter Pan:





Nightmare Before Christmas*:
IMG_5215 IMG_5217

Photo credit - Sharon Goodspeed

Photo credit – Sharon Goodspeed

Gallery of Other shots*:

*Please note you can hover over the gallery images to see the photo credits. You can enlarge photos by clicking on them. All photos we taken by Sharon and I at the show. Please don’t redistribute without permission.

Want more information on the displays? Read all about the 2015 show and the 2016 plans here.

My favorite installation was the huge Princess display that featured all of the ladies. Which is your favorite? My other faves were the Phanatic in the Phillies display and Nightmare Before Christmas was by far the coolest display!

Thanks for reading!
❤ Roni

5 thoughts on “OPP: 2015 Flower Show (DISNEY THEME!)

  1. Roni: I just want to thank you so very much for gathering this compilation of photos from the Philadelphia Flower Show. I used to live about twenty five minutes south over the Bridge in Jersey, and the Flower Show was always such an annual looked forward to event. Your photos brought back many fond memories and OH MY but the show continues to grow and be more spectacular and lavish with the passing of time…and oh so inspiring! Again, I enjoyed this post so very much and thank you for it.

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