Ditching Cable – Part 1 (Why I’m Going There!)

I am cutting the cord.

My cable bill went up again and I am so over it. I have no ‘upgrade’ channels, 50 Mbps internet (that doesn’t stream correctly) and a house phone of which I don’t use. I don’t even know the number. My bill is now approaching $150.


I have 3 TVs and a computer. The TV on my 2nd floor was used once when the cable was installed (it was free). The Bedroom TV was used about 6 times. Ever. Once when I streamed an episode of SOA on Chrome Cast while sick, and the rest when my 7 year old cousin comes over and needs a Nick or Disney fix. My Living Room TV is gihugic and I do stream to it a lot using my Apple TV and we watch DVR’d shows on that one.

If you come over my house and turn the TV on, you will likely find some hunting channel my boyfriend watches when he’s over. I mostly watch stuff on-demand and try and stream a few Prime shows and that’s really it, myself. It’s time to get my butt in gear and go digital.

When it comes to streaming, I have Prime but I have too many connectivity issues in the house to make use of it on the Apple TV. I watch it directly on the iPad when I cook something complicated and spend long hours in the kitchen. Sometimes also in my sewing area as background noise. Truth be told, I bought Prime for shipping, not watching, so that’s been just fine with me. However, even my iPhone and iPad get really slow in some rooms.

After bitching talking it over on social media with some friends, I started to devise a plan to cut the proverbial cord. My initial “Part 1” was to buy a better router to alleviate my spotty internet connection and help boost streaming on my Apple TV outside the preloaded apps. A friend who deals with this sort of equipment for a living suggested that at my internet speed in a 1200 square foot home, the problem was more likely a dead zone – not a router issue. My plan now is to build a better network then ditch cable.

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Equipment I am using thus far:
• Modem from cable company
• Linksys N300 Wi-Fi E1200 Wireless Routers ($35-60 depending on where you buy. I went online here.)
• Apple TV ($65-120)
• Google Chromecast ($30-35) (I dont really use this right now)

 How I watch TV as of today:
• Amazon Prime (99/yr)
• RCN standard bundle ($148/mo package)
current spend: $156/mo
Thanks for watching, err, reading!
❤ Roni

8 thoughts on “Ditching Cable – Part 1 (Why I’m Going There!)

  1. I am in the process of trying to upgrade my internet as fiber is now available in my building! That said, my total cost for internet, landline and cable tv is about 35 USD/month and will go up to 45-50 with the change to fiber optic. I watch most of my tv and movies online not through cable. There is definitely something to be said for internet as a public utility!

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    • Me too. It’s been a long time coming. I am working on some How-to’s for these processes, too. Also a few charts on what covers what when you go digital in terms of subscriptions.


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