Product Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Ok, So remember how I received a complementary full size Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel in exchange for my opinions? I waited a full month of use to do the review and here it is! Short story: I would say try it! Read on for the specifics.

The Good Great:
The texture is fabulous, I had never used a gel before and I don’t ever want to use a liquid ever again – it feels that nice. This product is sooooo velvety in consistency.

It blends in well, leaving my skin feeling dewy and not oily or greasy. It keeps my skin hydrated all day. In fact, my forehead is normally oily but somehow also dry and this has improved both issues almost 100% in one month of use. It has a crisp and fresh light scent and doesn’t irritate my skin or Rosacea like most scented products do.

The (small) Drawbacks:
I have to use a separate SPF with this for daytime. Normally, that is a deal breaker for me (if a moisturizer doesn’t have any sun protection) but this changed my mind. It worked THAT well for me. They have an Extra-Dry Skin one I will try out next, but I’ll need to pay for that one, lol!

It is pricey at around $18, but I have to say, it really worked great for me and I will keep using this product anyway. (CVS, here I come with my Reward Bucks!) To give you some perspective, in a month I’ve used 1/2 the container. That is while using this 2x a day on my face and neck.

Here is some fun other stuff from my various reviews. A Pinterest Board inspired by the product and a photo of me and my hydrated skin on Instagram. 🙂

Have any of you ladies (or Gents) tried this? Do you love it, too?

Happy Spring!

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