Ditching Cable – Part 4 (How to Stream TV by Network)

As you know, I am going all-internet streaming and cable-free shortly. Here is a handy-dandy little chart I worked up for myself while looking into how to begin streaming. This chart includes all the networks that I normally watch in multiple formats: Network Websites and Apps, Sling.com, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and an antenna. (I did not include Netflix or Prime as they only have older seasons of shows for free.) The only one I won’t be able watch anymore at home is FX. Boo to that. Everything else will be covered.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.21.45 PM

I will update the list as needed. Please leave me a comment if you see an update is needed.  Check the links below for more how-to’s on getting set up to cut the cable cord. Next post in the series will be a TV show level watching/streaming chart, so stay tuned!

To see what networks you can get in your area with an antenna, check the FCC site here. For an overview of the viewing options used above, see this post about options to watch and stream.

Check out the other posts in this cord-cutting series:
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Ditching Cable – Part 4 (How to stream TV by Network) (you are here now)
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Ditching Cable – Part 6 (How Low Can I Go?) (coming soon)

Happy Watching,

<3, Roni

4 thoughts on “Ditching Cable – Part 4 (How to Stream TV by Network)

  1. We did that about two years (?) ago. Maybe longer, I can’t remember. Since we were already with Netflix, we were getting things streaming eventually, and what we wanted that wasn’t, we got through the mail on DVD. I highly recommend this way of living. No commercials. Want a weather report? try The Weather Channel online… you’re chart gets a BIG thumbs up!

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  2. Thanks for the follow, I am returning the favor. The chart is awesome. We only have antenna. Ditched cable 5 years ago. There are enough shows for us to watch right now, that we only stream for Dr. Who and 1 or 2 other shows. ~Julia

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