OPP: Easter Desserts

I’ve given up candy for Lent so I was looking around for some quick Easter desserts so I can make last minute without the temptation to sample. Alas, I bring you this weeks OPP post. This week I am resharing some quick recipes for Easter goodies. Enjoy!

Liza from Mystery Colourer shared a great recipe on her blog today for Quick and Easy Chocolate Nests:

Credit: Quick and Easy Easter Chocolate Nests from http://mysterycolourer.com

Gabrielle posted an article this morning over at Eating With Health in Mind on how to make your own Peeps. Click here for the recipe to her Homemade Peeps. There are even tips to make the chick shape, too!


Credit: Homemade Peeps (Marshmallows) from https://eatingwithhealthinmind.wordpress.com

Last, but not least is Shinee’s recipe for No Fuss Berry Tartlets.

Go have a look at the recipes and the wonderful blogs and websites these ladies manage. Oh, and for those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for “Other Peoples Projects” check out some of the past week’s OPP’s here.

Have a wonderful Good Friday and come back and tell us if you try out these recipes.

Happy Easter,

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