Extra Creepy Shower Window

Who puts a shower window in a first floor bathroom? It’s awful! Sure, it has frosted glass in the bottom pane. But it can be seen from the street, people! Annnnnd it’s only 10 yards from the neighbors’ kitchen and bedroom windows! I made me a curtain so I could shower at night with the lights on. (I literally was afraid to before.)

Here’s what you need:

    • Fabric (I chose duck cloth*)
    • Scissors
    • Thread and Needles
    • Sewing Machine (or a steady, patient hand!)
    • Tape Measure
    • Pins
    • Tension Rod**
  1. Measure your window and record your numbers.
  2. Decide how you want it to fit in the window and write down your finished size. (I wanted mine to be flush on left and right, but to have room on top and bottom to allow air circulation to deter mold buildup.)
  3. For 3/4″ side hems: add 3″ inches to your width.
  4. Add 1 1/2″ to the height to account for bottom hem. To find out the top hem that includes the rod loop, you need to grab the fabric and pins and do some hands-on eyeballing later. For now, just leave 4 inches. (My number was 2 but you should use 4 till you measure for your situation to be safe.)
  5. Check all your numbers. When confirmed, cut your fabric.
  6. Fold left and right edges 3/4″ toward wrong side and iron. Fold these two sides 3/4″ again and iron and pin.
  7. Sew side hems close to the inside fold.
  8. Fold over 3/4″ on bottom edge, twice, ironing each fold. Pin and sew.
  9. Fold over 3/4″ for the top edge and iron. Note this time you only do this once. Pin.
  10. Wrap the fabric around your rod and pin loosly – you want the rod to remove easily. Hang it in your space and adjust the pins, if necessary. Mark the spot the ironed crease falls on the back of shade. (If you have lots of excess fabric, trim it away and iron a new crease to replace what you removed.)
  11. Remove the rod and pin your ironed edge close to your marked line. Sew along the innermost folded edge to create your rod pocket.
  12. Remove any stray pins, put the rod back in and you are ready to hang!

*Duck Cloth, Duck Canvas or Duck Canvas Fabric works well for this project. It is heavyweight and used a lot to upholster furniture and also in outdoor applications. The folks in your local fabric aisle will be able to help you find it quickly. Here is the pattern I used, Baja Motif.

**If your shower window is as tiny as mine, you may have trouble finding a small enough tension rod at retail. I looked all over and eventually wised up and tried Amazon. I used this rod from Levalor.

Project cost $10.50 ($5.34 after a 50% coupon on a 1/2 yard of fabric; and $5.17 for the tension rod.) I already had the other materials. If you’re a crafter, you likely do, too.

Stay crafty, my friends!


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