Murph got a new job.

Murph got a new job, did you hear? Murph is now apparently working for Apple. They removed iPhoto. Forever. Unsupported. iPhoto, which had all my photos in neat little albums and folders, was how I liked to roll. In lieu of iPhoto, they added “Photos” – ugh.

It ain’t workin’.

Look for a lull in new posts until I can find a way to find that organization – or manually locate, import and then reorganize all of my 60000+ photos.)

Totally lost my screws here,

14 thoughts on “Murph got a new job.

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  2. Wish you had heard me screaming, yelling, and cursing when I discovered the same dirty trick! Mike gets upset when I carry on like that and he spent time calming me down and showing me how I could find all my photos. If you need help in navigating this new Fiasco, just ask him.

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