DIY Disinfecting Spray

Hi everybody,
Here is the spray I use for disinfecting counters and sinks after I have got a real mess going on.

Disinfecting Cleaning Spray(1)

Just mix the ingredients right in your spray bottle. I don’t really worry about leaching so I use plastic bottles for now. I go through cleaning products fast and already have the bottles, so I use ’em. I’d like to switch over one day though.

In the graphic above, I talk about the Lavender oil. Don’t skimp on that as Lavender Essential Oil is the component that really puts the antimicrobial pow-pow on those germs. Also, it’s important to let it sit and work for a bit before you wipe dry. You won’t need to re-wash or rinse off with water. Just wipe dry with a clean cloth and go on your merry way.

If you’d like a printable for this spray – here is a link so you can download a PDF version of my DIY Disinfecting Spray. Check out my All Purpose Cleaning Spray and my Antibacterial Spray recipes while you are here.

Happy Cleaning!


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