DIY Antibacterial Spray

This is a recipe for the Antibacterial Spray that I use at home. The  Disinfecting Spray is more for everyday sanitizing purposes, where this is for those funky sinks, doorknobs and toilet lids. Try neutralizing those nasty’s with this punched up spray. Most households apparently don’t need antibacterial sprays, but I use this Antibacterial Spray on anything that a sick person has come over and touched. (Use your noggin’ though. If someone has Strep or whatever please toss the toothbrushes and bust out the Lysol. This not going to be as effective as Lysol or bleach would be, but it is safer, gentler and will cover you in most antibacterial household situations.)

Antibacterial Spray

In the post about Disinfecting Spray, I talked briefly about the Lavender Essential Oil and its antimicrobial pow-pow on those germs. In this spray the heavy hitter is the Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree oil is widely known for its anti-EVERYTHING pow-pow. (Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal AND is claimed to have some anti-viral properties.) The only reason that I don’t use this stuff in place of the Disinfecting Spray altogether, is I plumb just don’t enjoy the smell of Tea Tree as much. Just like the Disinfecting Spray, it’s important to let it sit and work for a bit before you wipe dry. You won’t need to re-wash or rinse off with water. Just wipe dry with a clean cloth.

If you’d like a printable for this spray – here is a link so you can download a PDF version of my DIY Antibacterial Spray recipe. Check out my All Purpose Cleaning Spray and my Disinfecting Spray recipes while you are here.

Happy Cleaning!


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