OPP: Mawadge.

Mawadge, Mawadge is what bwings us togever today…

YES! So happy to hear of the ruling today that same sex marriages are now LEGAL in all 50 states! These unions are recognized as valid, folks! Same-sex couples whom marry will enjoy the same rights, privileges and COURTESY’S that ‘traditional’ marriages enjoy. The stigma that many of these family units suffer is one step closer to being HISTORY! So many people worked so hard and suffered awful burdens to be brave and fight hard to make this ruling happen. It is about time! What an amazing day to be alive. Cheers to all the married families out there, same-sex or otherwise.

If you want to read more here are two of the best articles I have read today:


Happy Friday!

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

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