OPP: Long Live the BBC!

Lets talk about the survival of public news broadcasts and television programs, why don’t we? I read this post by Julz: Help Save Our BBC – Please! today. I think it is imperative that we all consider how and where receive our television programs, news and radio broadcasts. Most news stations are run by politics and/or by the intentions of those whom majorly fund them. Keeping what little independent television programs, news and radio broadcasts we have left in the world is a must. (I should check first: No one actually wants to be a lemming, right?)

Please read Julz original post and learn more about why the BBC is in trouble. The Government wants to cut programs, funding and  add in some political interference to fill the void. Each household currently pays a license fee to fund the BBC. Due to even more politics, they cannot simply open the funding up to a public donation drive like our own PBS does for its programs like NPR. This is why some folks started a petition to call on the government to keep the BBC independent.

Why do I care over here in The States? I may not have the BBC channels and stations here, but I do gain access to their programing and broadcasts through my country’s PBS station and radio broadcasts like NPR. In fact, the two entities plan to work together to create non-fictional shows for broadcast to both countries’ audiences. The Guardian explains that mission well in this article about the deal. You can also check out  these links to read what PBS and BBC had to say about the partnership back in January 2015.

If you can, help protect investigative journalism and sign the petition to save the BBC. USA readers, if you regularly tune into PBS or radio programs like NPR, consider a making small donation to pay for the service you are using. If that is not your thing, that’s okay, too. Please just take some time today to support public broadcasting in your country. Tuning in is great if you don’t have any funds to spare and/or you don’t like to sign petitions.

Independent news sources are counting on us to keep them alive and kicking. The BBC (and PBS here in the States) need our help. Otherwise, we are stuck with reality TV and and news anchors that read only whats on the prompter in front of them. I would layer a sad song in here if I thought it would help people pay attention to how real the death of independent journalism really is. Sure, Nay-Sayers, all reporting is tainted by it’s conveyer’s, even if in small ways. I’ll agree there. But, do you really want to risk being left to immerse yourself in only rose-colored news reports and “don’t ask questions” scare-tactics? That is what will remain. Those are much worse. Those are an assault on independent thought.

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For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

4 thoughts on “OPP: Long Live the BBC!

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  2. Hi Roni, thanks so much for carrying the torch for independent broadcasting over the pond in the US – smile – in the UK we assume all news is reasonable unbiased and get very annoyed at Sky for carrying Fox News which we know is biased.

    We are very spoilt because we have the BBC and its worldwide reputation for independence and ‘true’ reporting, and any threat to its status needs to be nipped in the bud.

    You are quite right to say that it affects those watching PBS, which is why I asked for anyone anywhere to sign the petition – IT IS RELEVANT TO YOU!

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