How to Make Clear-Coated Labels

Have a project that you would like to add some custom labels to, but not sure how to do that? Don’t buy a bunch of specialty printing supplies.  If you craft, you probably have all you need right there at home.

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A few notes:

  • I talk about bleed in the slideshow. Bleed means you need to leave enough extra background so that you can cut the labels out easily later on. In my example, you can see that I printed extra blue area. This is so when I cut my labels out, none of the unprinted white of the paper shows on the finished label.
  • You will want to take note of the surface you are applying the labels onto and choose an appropriate adhesive for your particular project. I used Mod Podge in this case to glue the labels onto metal jars. If you are using this method for food jars or anything a little one will possibly put into their mouth, make sure you are using an adhesive that is safe for food contact.

See these babies in action next week’s post where I share my Magnetic Spice Jars tutorial.

Stay crafty, my friends!

One thought on “How to Make Clear-Coated Labels

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