DIY Weed Killer

Today I will share with you my homemade weed killer. This stuff doesn’t work as fast as the chemical sprays you can buy at the store, but its safer for your kids, pets, and environment! Also, its WAY cheaper and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now.

Easy DIY Weed Killer

The salt and vinegar do the killing and the soap just helps the mixture stick to the leaves of the weeds. For my container, I use an old weed killer bottle. It holds the entire recipe and has a sweet battery operated spray nozzle. Be sure and write the contents on your container so that nobody mistakes it for another liquid. It’s not made with any chemicals, but you still shouldn’t leave in reach of pets or children. The smell would likely keep them away, but always better safe than sorry. This will kill all plants so don’t spray with reckless abandon, ok?

If you’d like a printable for this spray – here is a link so you can download a PDF version of my Weed Killer. Check out my Fruit and Veggie Wash, Disinfecting SprayDIY All Purpose Cleaner, and my Antibacterial Spray recipes while you are here.


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