DIY Recycled Notepads

Make your own notepads with recycled paper

I have been making these scratchpads for ages with old junk mail, messed up printer pages and recycled art prints. Its really easy and you only need binder clips and a maybe a paper cutter (if you don’t mess with scissors).

Check out the gallery below for the how-to. Hover over the images to read more about each step. Here are some ideas as to what is possible with this process:

  • Cut 8.5” x 11” pages length-wise to make grocery list pads.
  • Cut 8.5” x 11” pages into quarters to make small scratch pads to leave in your desk drawer, kitchen drawer, junk drawer and purse.
  • Use whole sheets to make sketch books for the kiddos.
  • Leave a back prong on to hang your notepad from a cork board.
  • Slide magnets under the last page to make it stick to your refrigerator.

Happy Recycling!
❤ Roni

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