Cyber Monday $ale!


Hi Guys and Gals! Fitness Cyber Monday deal: Even if you want to wait to get started on your fitness resolution till January – the most popular package is on sale NOW. In addition to the sale price and the freebies you’ll get from your purchase, I will send the 21 Day Fix Cookbook, Fixate, to any new customers that purchase a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack or 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack. (Must place your order by Midnight today 11/30).

What you get:
• DVDs, 30 minutes a day.
• 30 days free streaming (with other FULL programs like insanity p90 Brazil butt and more)
• 30 days meal replacement Shakeology (contains multivitamins, probiotics, etc – no junk fillers),
• Meal plan & portion containers.
• Plus some freebies like extra workout and  insulated bag (21 day Fix) for the current sale.
• My help – this part you get no matter if you buy anything ever!
• On Facebook: General accountability group where everyone is trying to get healthy in there not necessarily on a program they bought.
On Facebook: 21 Day accountability groups for Challenge Pack Purchasers: that’s the place you can check in as much or little as you want and everyone is doing either the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme this month. Specified daily tips, recipes, motivation and prizes.
• Fixate Cook Book (this will not show in your purchase link, I will personally mail this to you after purchase.

Purchase a 21 Day Fix  Challenge Pack:

Purchase a 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack:



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