OPP: Glow in the Dark Floating Head

Image Credit: © 2015 Michaels Stores.

Image Credit: © 2015 Michaels Stores.

Ummm, Hello! How cool is this glow in the dark floating head? I need to make this. I have done the glowy eyes in the bushes in the past, but I ripped those bushes out last year. (Sorry Mother Nature, they were dying.) So this would be a great replacement project. I already have all but the glow in the dark paint and the Styrofoam in my craft arsenal. Hope I have time to make it myself before the holiday!

Check out the how-to here.

Have a spooky weekend,
❤ Roni

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

OPP: Cinnamon-Orange Air Freshener


Image Credit: Shaken Together Life

Today’s OPP is a post from Shaken Together Life. Click on for a how-to on making a crisp Fall air-freshener for your home.  Get the instructions right here on shakentogetherlife.com. I can’t wait to get the supplies to try this myself! They use a biodegradable water polymer that seems pretty safe. I dig it!

Have a great weekend,
❤ Roni

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit. Trash

OPP: Firefly Jar

Here is one you can do this weekend with the kiddos: Glow Jars! No real fireflies will get dead, either! Check out The Gold Jelly Beans’s super cool tutorial, Making Glow Jars. I would also suggest you toss in some glitter like Tejas Morey suggests, to give it more punch! Tell your kids Tinker Bell is in there, haha! Seriously, though, glitter makes everything better.

Photo Credit: TheGoldJellyBean.com

Have a great weekend,
❤ Roni

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.


How to Make Clear-Coated Labels

Have a project that you would like to add some custom labels to, but not sure how to do that? Don’t buy a bunch of specialty printing supplies.  If you craft, you probably have all you need right there at home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few notes:

  • I talk about bleed in the slideshow. Bleed means you need to leave enough extra background so that you can cut the labels out easily later on. In my example, you can see that I printed extra blue area. This is so when I cut my labels out, none of the unprinted white of the paper shows on the finished label.
  • You will want to take note of the surface you are applying the labels onto and choose an appropriate adhesive for your particular project. I used Mod Podge in this case to glue the labels onto metal jars. If you are using this method for food jars or anything a little one will possibly put into their mouth, make sure you are using an adhesive that is safe for food contact.

See these babies in action next week’s post where I share my Magnetic Spice Jars tutorial.

Stay crafty, my friends!

DIY Wreath

Hi Everyone,

I saw this one day and had to have it:


It was $28 but only 12″ in diameter.
Ummmm…nope. Craft time!

Supplies needed to make a wreath:

  • 18″ Grapevine Wreath
  • Main Flowers
  • 2-3 Complimenting Flower Sprays*
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  • Command Hook (to hang wreath)
  • Scissors.

* Note if you make a larger wreath you will need to buy additional flower sprays. In the picture below I have 4 sprays and an 18″ wreath. I had lots of flowers leftover.

Prep your workspace.

Prep your workspace.

Gather all your flowers.

Gather all your flowers.

Pop the backs off your centerpiece flowers so they are ready to use.

Pop the backs off your centerpiece flowers so they are ready to use.

Cut, remove and otherwise prepare the other flowers and greens. Have fun with it. See these Queen Anne's?

Cut, remove and otherwise prepare the other flowers and greens. Have fun with it. See these Queen Anne’s?

Take a look at the back...

Take a look at the back…

You can pull apart flowers like to use as little runners of color. Have fun!

You can pull apart flowers like so and use as little runners of color. Have fun!

Gather a mix of your flowers and lay them around the wreath.

Gather a mix of prepared flowers and lay them around the wreath to get an idea of what you’d like.

When you are ready, get that glue gun.

When you are ready, get that glue gun!

Glue those down first.

Glue any centerpiece flowers down first.

Go around and around and around back filling where needed.

Go around and around and around and glue flowers down. Back-fill where needed.

All done! Now turn the wreath over.

All done! Now turn the wreath over.

Thread your ribbon into the back side.

Thread ribbon into the back side. Make sure and test the length before cutting. Longer is better.

Tie a little knot so it is secure.

Tie a knot to create two tails, equal in length.

Add a dot of glue above your knot to hold in place so the wrong sides together.

Add a dot of glue above the knot to hold wrong sides together.

Tie a pretty bow and hang from your door. I use a command hook so my door doesnt get holes!

Tie a pretty bow and hang from the door. Use an upside-down Command Hook and avoid drilling holes in the door.

Adjust the length as needed.

Adjust the length as needed at your bow.

So pretty!

So pretty!

The center flowers really ground this.

The center flowers really ground this.



Hope you like my wreath and I hope you try it out and make one of your own. Get creative and let us know how it turns out. I’ve included pricing so that you can have an idea on how much this could cost you. With ‘50% off 1 item’ and ‘25% off order’ coupons at Micheal’s, my final cost was $23. (I already own the glue gun, ribbon, scissors, hook, etc.)

  • 18″ Grapevine wreath – $4.99
  • 1 Main (Chrysanthemum) Flower Spray – $1.99
  • Queen Anne’s Lace Spray – $7.99
  • Lavender Spray – $7.99)
  • Greenery (Don’t know the name) – $12.99

This project is included in Julz Craft’s Show and Tell. Head over there and check out the other entries for all sorts of inspiration. If you have any crafts going on of your own, why not submit them? Stay crafty, my friends!


Summer Sleep Essentials

When the warmer months arrive, I need to have my bedroom ready to chill me out! Being a fairly new homeowner, it’s all about using what I have around – especially until I learn my new space and how I’ll interact with it. Then it’s time for the fun part! I get my sleeping space summer-ready with a few easy swap outs:

1. Bedding

    1. Bedding. I really need to have the right texture around me to get a good nights sleep. When it gets warmer, I swap out my bedding fabrics to lighten up a little. I trade dark sheets and pillowcases for brighter colors and more breathable fabrics. (Check out Parachute’s Bedding Collections for a selection of bedding basics, offered in an array of colors and textures. You can even order a swatch in any of their fabrics and palettes before you purchase!) I don’t stop at the basics, as you can see in the pictures, I have a ‘thing’ for plush pillows. In summer, I lose the shams and use a few less pillows. I also store those extra blankets that at the foot of the bed until colder months come back around. These first steps make the room seem larger and cooler to me right away.


    2. Lighting. I like soft light in my sleeping zone and I don’t often turn on the overhead lighting unless I am folding laundry. I change my candle sticks out with white candles and try to use daylight as much as I can. In fact, in the daytime, I keep my shades open all day to soak up every little bit of sunlight. Even during those rare daytime naps! The sunshine puts me at ease and never keeps me awake.


    3. Scent. This is a big one for me. I take a few minutes once I climb into bed to run through the day’s happenings and the next day’s to-do list. I like to use essential oils in my diffuser to cascade a soothing scent over the room. It helps to keep my thoughts peaceful while I mentally decompress. Right now, I am using a mix of lavender and peppermint. I find that blend soothing and crisp, at once. Next month, I plan try out to a peppermint and lemon mixture.  To make your own diffuser scents at home: Mix equal parts water and alcohol then add essential oils and gently mix. Start with 25 drops of oils per 1/2 cup of liquid. You can even use vodka in lieu of rubbing alcohol! Read up on some other oils and herbs that can help you fall asleep at Parachute Blog.


    4. Atmosphere. My bedroom is on the smaller side and I NEED moving air while I sleep. Even if I am chilly as I drift off to sleep – I inevitably wake up warm. I had a ceiling fan installed directly above my bed. I can’t express how soothing I find it to have that gentle breeze as I drift off to sleep. My property is on a corner and the soft hum of the fan cuts down on the noise of any passersby, too.


    5. Personality. Every few months I need to play around and change something – I am crafter, I just can’t help it! I suppose that is what gives my space its special personality and character. This season, I played around with replacing my bed post finials with large artificial flowers. I didn’t like it for an adult space and I ended up using them in my crystal bowl, instead. That is working out super for me because now I can’t fill the bowl with clutter odds and ends!


That’s the gist of my summer bedroom preparedness. I think next time I will get rid of that bedspread to allow me to play with a new summery pallet that packs a better punch. Been pondering that, but I get put off the project as other things need fixing around here first!

While getting ready to write this post I came across a pillow that I bought for the living room. I LOVE the colors and would like to use it as inspiration for a bedding revamp in the future. I couldn’t help but want to think the project through a little right now as this post was so fun to put together! I started over at Parachute looking at products there and clicking through the awesome inspiration posted on their blog. All that summery brainstorming has me ready to go back to a duvet so I’ll have more options changing my overall color-scheme easily – without the bulk of storing extra comforters.

Using that pillow as a springboard along, I have come up with a bedroom redecorating plan. I am imagining linens and duvet cover in a light blue to match the center of the flower on the pillow above. Click over to Parachute’s Percale Duvet Cover in Powder to see an example of a perfect warm-weather blue. Adding some accent color via my euro pillows with covers in that bright green (or a pattern using that lively green!). Matching powder blue or white sheets and pillowcases would compliment nicely while letting the bold euros shine. A matching green crochet runner on the dresser and some new lamps to pull the look together. What do you think? Can the creatives among you visualize that working? (In my mind’s eye it looks fabulous! I promise to follow up when I get this project off the ground and you can judge for yourself.)

I would all love to hear how you prep your sleep space for the warmer months, let me know below! If you haven’t tried doing so before, take a look at what you have around. Play with it and make the old new again! I hope you will give it a shot using one or two of the tips above.

Happy Summer,

DIY Hanging Jars

Hi crafters,

I have a tiny bathroom with barely any counter (or storage) space, so it gets messy pretty fast. I was regularly spending 20 minutes on clean up after I showered or did my hair! (Serial – It was like teenage mayhem in there and I’m in my 30’s, people!) I desperately needed a solution to keep girl clutter necessities to a minimum in terms of mess. I created hanging magnetic jars to address the problem.

magentic jars

Wanna get you some to rescue your space from clutter? Thought you might. Read on: Continue reading