Clean Program

I started the Clean Program today. I bought the audio book after telling my soon to be MIL about how great I feel after the 3 Day Refresh. I lose about 5-7 pounds in THREE DAYS! I feel great and it makes me think that with that kind of constant bloat I have some food allergies lurking in my daily eats. Typical results for my customers are 3-5 pounds. Some lose more like me. The difference is I eat really clean so I should not lose that much when I am on point in the kitchen. Also, my seasonal allergies are OUT OF CONTROL. Methinks its something to do with the food I eat.

So. I wanted to do an elimination diet and find out. I suspect its grains, dairy or both. After this 3 week cleanse Ima do here, you have the opportunity to slowly reintroduce nightshades, eggs, dairy and gluten. This is JUST what I need. And I can DIY this sucker without paying a fancy doctor to give me terrible-gross meal plans to suffer for weeks to months.

I have also been really busy (planning a wedding in 6 months, working full time, etc etc etc) and have had a lot of trouble getting my workouts in. So I thought how about now for this cleanse since it would require a drastic if not total reduction in exercise as to what I am used to doing.

Clean is a program designed to help your body cleanse itself of toxins and restore balance and allow your body to repair itself. To begin, you eat off the approved food list for 1-2 weeks. I skipped this part as the description for this suggested that it was more for those who never eat clean. I make all my food and had just recently hit a patch of super busy-ness that had me eating out more than I like. So I jumped right in.

Ground rules are for 21 days (or as long as you can keep it up) for the first go-round:

Breakfast: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Lunch: Make a meal out of foods on the approved foods list.
Dinner: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Snacks: Foods off the approved list if needed.
Fast: Fast for (at least) 12 hours after dinner.
Supplements: You can also choose take antimicrobials (like garlic or oil of oregano); probiotics, liver support and a few more as needed if you so choose.

They offer a pack you can buy with 2 shakes a day and the supplements. Its expensive. So I chose to make my own food and smoothies with my Shakeology and I picked up a garlic, probiotic and liver supplement to take with each meal.

Wish me luck!






OPP: Cinnamon-Orange Air Freshener


Image Credit: Shaken Together Life

Today’s OPP is a post from Shaken Together Life. Click on for a how-to on making a crisp Fall air-freshener for your home.  Get the instructions right here on I can’t wait to get the supplies to try this myself! They use a biodegradable water polymer that seems pretty safe. I dig it!

Have a great weekend,
❤ Roni

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit. Trash

Summer Sleep Essentials

When the warmer months arrive, I need to have my bedroom ready to chill me out! Being a fairly new homeowner, it’s all about using what I have around – especially until I learn my new space and how I’ll interact with it. Then it’s time for the fun part! I get my sleeping space summer-ready with a few easy swap outs:

1. Bedding

    1. Bedding. I really need to have the right texture around me to get a good nights sleep. When it gets warmer, I swap out my bedding fabrics to lighten up a little. I trade dark sheets and pillowcases for brighter colors and more breathable fabrics. (Check out Parachute’s Bedding Collections for a selection of bedding basics, offered in an array of colors and textures. You can even order a swatch in any of their fabrics and palettes before you purchase!) I don’t stop at the basics, as you can see in the pictures, I have a ‘thing’ for plush pillows. In summer, I lose the shams and use a few less pillows. I also store those extra blankets that at the foot of the bed until colder months come back around. These first steps make the room seem larger and cooler to me right away.


    2. Lighting. I like soft light in my sleeping zone and I don’t often turn on the overhead lighting unless I am folding laundry. I change my candle sticks out with white candles and try to use daylight as much as I can. In fact, in the daytime, I keep my shades open all day to soak up every little bit of sunlight. Even during those rare daytime naps! The sunshine puts me at ease and never keeps me awake.


    3. Scent. This is a big one for me. I take a few minutes once I climb into bed to run through the day’s happenings and the next day’s to-do list. I like to use essential oils in my diffuser to cascade a soothing scent over the room. It helps to keep my thoughts peaceful while I mentally decompress. Right now, I am using a mix of lavender and peppermint. I find that blend soothing and crisp, at once. Next month, I plan try out to a peppermint and lemon mixture.  To make your own diffuser scents at home: Mix equal parts water and alcohol then add essential oils and gently mix. Start with 25 drops of oils per 1/2 cup of liquid. You can even use vodka in lieu of rubbing alcohol! Read up on some other oils and herbs that can help you fall asleep at Parachute Blog.


    4. Atmosphere. My bedroom is on the smaller side and I NEED moving air while I sleep. Even if I am chilly as I drift off to sleep – I inevitably wake up warm. I had a ceiling fan installed directly above my bed. I can’t express how soothing I find it to have that gentle breeze as I drift off to sleep. My property is on a corner and the soft hum of the fan cuts down on the noise of any passersby, too.


    5. Personality. Every few months I need to play around and change something – I am crafter, I just can’t help it! I suppose that is what gives my space its special personality and character. This season, I played around with replacing my bed post finials with large artificial flowers. I didn’t like it for an adult space and I ended up using them in my crystal bowl, instead. That is working out super for me because now I can’t fill the bowl with clutter odds and ends!


That’s the gist of my summer bedroom preparedness. I think next time I will get rid of that bedspread to allow me to play with a new summery pallet that packs a better punch. Been pondering that, but I get put off the project as other things need fixing around here first!

While getting ready to write this post I came across a pillow that I bought for the living room. I LOVE the colors and would like to use it as inspiration for a bedding revamp in the future. I couldn’t help but want to think the project through a little right now as this post was so fun to put together! I started over at Parachute looking at products there and clicking through the awesome inspiration posted on their blog. All that summery brainstorming has me ready to go back to a duvet so I’ll have more options changing my overall color-scheme easily – without the bulk of storing extra comforters.

Using that pillow as a springboard along, I have come up with a bedroom redecorating plan. I am imagining linens and duvet cover in a light blue to match the center of the flower on the pillow above. Click over to Parachute’s Percale Duvet Cover in Powder to see an example of a perfect warm-weather blue. Adding some accent color via my euro pillows with covers in that bright green (or a pattern using that lively green!). Matching powder blue or white sheets and pillowcases would compliment nicely while letting the bold euros shine. A matching green crochet runner on the dresser and some new lamps to pull the look together. What do you think? Can the creatives among you visualize that working? (In my mind’s eye it looks fabulous! I promise to follow up when I get this project off the ground and you can judge for yourself.)

I would all love to hear how you prep your sleep space for the warmer months, let me know below! If you haven’t tried doing so before, take a look at what you have around. Play with it and make the old new again! I hope you will give it a shot using one or two of the tips above.

Happy Summer,

OPP: The Best Free Tools for Language Learning

Ciao a tutti,

This weeks OPP is brought to you by the Itchy Quill blog. Right about the time I was looking into free language learning applications, this post showed up in my inbox. Lucky me, IQ had already done a bunch on exploring and posted it for us all to read. (Grazie, Itchy Quill!)

I am currently learning Italian with Duolingo. Occasionally, I switch gears to check out Babbel, Busuu and Memrise just to shake it up and see how the other systems might help me learn differently. It really is a game changer to use these apps when I compare it to all the conjugations and workbook exercises back in my school days. If you are interested in learning a new language, you should check out this post and learn what Itchy Quill has to say about each app. You may just learn a new language before you know it!

Arrivederci, my friends.

For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

Itchy Quill

see god

In this day and age, it seems almost impossible to find a good deal. I remember how it used to really annoy me as a child that my parents would complain about how much a chocolate bar would cost. I’d stare at the price tag, and see it as the lowly sum of 20p and be perplexed; how exactly was this expensive? One of them would enjoy my perplexity, before saying “in my day you could get three bars for that price, and still have money left over for a comic”. It used to feel like they were trying to make me feel bad about this imaginary expensive world we lived in, and yet now I find myself thinking the same thing. The same chocolate bars now cost double the price. The horror!

Just because things may be expensive, doesn’t mean there aren’t still deals available however. The internet is…

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OPERATION: Springtail Shutdown

Ok, Dudes. I HATE bugs. Like really legit have a phobia. I trap them under cups and make the man get them and make them dead. If the man is not around, I maaaaay resort to chemicals, hairspray or fire. Or all of the above.  Almost had to with this little gem:

I never kill bugs in the outside or garden. No matter how gross, so simmer down soldiers. But come in my house, my territory, and its on little dudes, IT’S ON! Anywho my latest bugaboo is this crowd of nasty Springtails on some of my windowsills. Not in the bathroom or the sink where these moisture-loving teensy tiny buggers would normally hang out. They are coming in on my crank windows and under the doors (I think). According to Orkin they live outside in mulchy spots and eat decaying leaves. And, according to pretty much all of the people in the universe these are no big deal:
Vacuum them up” …
“When it rains more they will go back outside” …
“They don’t damage anything”

You overreact”

I disagree because, well, EW! I am not having it, they DO damage something. They damage my ability to be ZEN man! So, I am in the midst of executing a full blown attack, consisting of 5 missions. OPERATION: Springtail Shutdown is a-go, people!

Phase 1: Diatomaceous Earth was deployed on all of the sills. They used their trap-detecting pest radar to literally walk around the granules. Phase 1 was a complete failure. This is the first time the DE did not come through for me.


This is the first time old faithful DE could not protect the territory.

Phase 2: All radiator covers were removed heating elements were vacuumed. Pipes were also checked for leaks all over the house. Sills were cleaned and disinfected to ensure death of everything. Initially an effective mission, but the enemy returned in droves in only two days time.


Enemy scout tries to hide unnoticed, high above the sill.

Phase 3: All shrubbery was removed and trimmed and the lawn was cut waaaaaaay down around the house. A hose was called into action to power-wash the siding and nuke all bits of stuck-on organic materials from the fall that was leftover on on the back yard patio AstroTurf. The enemy took a hit that time. They fell way back. Only small band of revolutionary’s dared to return to the area. Most of the remaining enemy troops were found dead.


A fallen enemy soldier.

Phase 4: The little bastard insurgents are rallying back in alarming numbers of 1-2 per sill. That’s just way too many. During the last few neutral territory sweeps on the exterior of the house, they were seen traveling in bands! Next weekend I will bring out the big gun and launch a series of caulk based missiles to the interior and exterior of the house.


The “Big Gun” is ready and waiting.


A battery of three types of assault missiles will be deployed next mission.

Phase 5: The damage to enemy troops will be assessed and then I will replace all of the weather stripping on the windows in hopes of sealing out the enemy FOREVER.

Wish me luck and ROGER THAT, nay-sayers, ROGER THAT!!! Please let me know if you found a way to combat these gross little nasties that is not outlined in my attack plan.


Get Back Your Missing iPhoto Albums in Photos

I finally figured out how to get my iPhoto albums back. I lost them ALL after Apple so abruptly murdered my beloved iPhoto to make room for the Photos App. If you read this post, you know I waited a long time for Photos to get everything imported and it just didn’t work for me.

How To get your albums back if Photos didn’t find the correct library during the initial import:

  1. Quit Photos.
  2. Hold down the option key and open Photos.
  3. Highlight the correct library from the pop up screen and click Choose.
  4. Wait for the program to process the new library.

You can now manually import the ‘wrong’ library’s photos into your new Photos library. If you have multiple iPhoto library’s you were keeping separate on purpose simply use the technique above to switch back and forth when you need to do so.

If you want to combine multiple iPhoto libraries into one, you have your work cut out for you. I have not found a way to combine them in Photos without losing all of the album data. In this situation, you will need to import those and reorganize manually. That can take very long if you have years of images like most people, so you may want to keep the multiple libraries separate.  At least for now, you may be better off switching back and forth between libraries using the option key technique. That way your album organization is still going to be there.

Boo to this whole situation – I’m talkin’ to YOU Apple! You really stink for this one! IMHO, the death of iPhoto is a way to get more people to feel pressure to buy your stupid cloud storage. I conclude so because it integrates with all the iPhones and iPads and Apple TV’s of the world. How do I know it does? Well, because Apple has pop ups all in my face on every device telling me so. Like every day. They also tell me that I need to upgrade my storage space. That my storage is full. Ugh! Using forced upgrades as sneaky a sales technique makes me want to return to Android and PC’s. (Sorry for the rant but I’m just sayin’…)





Ditching Cable – Part 5 (How To Stream By TV Show)

This is a chart to provide detail at a TV show level of how to watch shows across multiple formats: Network Websites and Apps,, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and an antenna. (I did not include Netflix or Prime as they only have older seasons of shows for free.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.08.44 PM

I will update the list as needed. These are just the shows I watch right now but it will give you a good idea of what each network offers in the way of consistency. Please do leave me a comment if you see an update is needed.  Check the links below for more how-to’s on getting set up to cut the cable cord.

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Happy Watching,
<3, Roni