OPP: Candy-Dipped Apple Pops

Image Credit: © 2015 Michaels Stores.

Image Credit: © 2015 Michaels Stores.

Clearly, I am on a craft store kick since this makes TWO Michael’s reblogs in about a week. This one is looking pretty easy and would make a great party snack. I will be doing this for sure! Look for pictures of my own apple creations in November.

Check out the recipe & instructions here.

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For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

DIY Magnetic Spice Jars

Today I want to breakdown how to make magnetic spice jars for you. I used metal twist jars from Specialy Bottle. Make sure your jars are made from food-safe materials. If you are going to use glass jars, locate them out of direct sunlight. No matter what kind of container you use, your herbs will stay fresh much longer if you keep these away from light and extreme heat or cold.

Materials List:

  • Jars or containers
  • Magnets
  • A Sharpie or printed labels
  • Glue/Epoxy


  1. Clean and dry your jars.
    Clean your surface.
  2. Turn them over and glue your Magnets on the bottom.
    If you are using 3 little magnets like I did, you will want to glue in one magnet at a time and let dry. This way they don’t pull together toward the center before the glue has a chance to dry. If you are having trouble with that you can use tape to temporarily hold magnets in place while the glue dries, as well.
  3. Fill your jars with delicious spices.
  4. Attach your labels, or write on them with a Sharpie. Learn how to make your own here.IMG_3238IMG_3241
  5. Stick ’em to your fridge or other metal surface.
    IMG_8003IMG_8004 IMG_7998IMG_8001 IMG_8002   IMG_7996

I have a little nook on the side of my fridge that protects them perfectly and still keeps them accessible. If you don’t want yours on your refrigerator, you can attach a metal ruler, straight edge or brackets to the underside of a hanging cabinet or the inside of a swinging cabinet door. You can learn about those materials and how to do that here, in my Hanging Bathroom Jars tutorial. You can do this anyplace you need to save some some counter or drawer space. Think: Craft areas, closets, junk drawers, garages – anyplace you find a need!

Project Cost: $42 for 30 jars– about $1.35 per jar.
$14.95 Magnets (set of 100 Neodymium N42 1/2″ x 1/16″ magnets from K&J)
$25.80 Jars (30 x $0.86 Twistlug 3oz Jars from Specialty Bottle)
the other materials I had already. Liquid Nails is about $5, so you could make this at home for under $50. (Assuming you have a Sharpie and some spices.) Most folks have way less spices than I do, too.
PLEASE come back and show off your handiwork if you make these!

Stay Crafty My friends,

OPP: Shamrock Shaped Cupcakes!

Today’s OPP is and super cute tip on how to contort your cupcakes into adorable shamrocks. Check it out over at Lots of DIY. I want to try this out myself for the holiday. Maybe I will make some Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes or Guinness Cupcakes and do this to a few of ’em. Happy early St Patrick’s day.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you try it out!

❤ Roni

Zom-beh Mini Cupcakes

I recently made Zom-beh mini cupcakes and received several requests for the deets on how to make ’em, so here you go!

Zom-beh cupcakes are easy to make!

Zom-beh cupcakes are easy to make!

I figured out what I wanted to do after seeing a similar DIY at the blog Boulder Locavore for graveyard cupcakes. (That is a seriously rad blog and loads of cool Halloween ideas can be found there.) Seeing as I am obsessed with zombies – y’all know I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead – I decided to change it up and make my cupcakes of the Zom-beh variety.

Stuff you need to zombify your treats:
• Chocolate Cake Mix (makes about 48 minis)
• Mini Cupcake Pan(s)
• Mini Cupcake Liners
• Crushed Chocolate Graham Crackers
• Chocolate Icing
Candy Body Parts & Gummy Worms, cut in half

Step 1
To begin, make those cupcakes! I used boxed mix with mini cupcake trays. If you plan on using mini trays with a regular cake recipe, be sure and reduce your oven heat and bake times. I reduce around ten degrees and about 6 minutes or so on the bake time. Remember, those instructions you see on the box are made for the bigger cupcakes, not minis!

Begin with plain old cupcakes.

Begin with plain old cupcakes.

Holiday liners add to the look.

Holiday liners add to the look.

Got your cupcakes? Good!

Step 2
Ice all those bad-boys with the chocolate icing.

Ice all your cupcakes.

Step 3
Fill a shallow bowl with one sleeve of crushed crackers. Gently roll tops of your cupcakes in the bowl of crunchy chocolatey goodness. Looks like dirt, dudn’t it? Nasty – yet, delicious.


Step 4
Gather up your gummy candy (I needed 24 parts, each cut in half, for my batch). Take the body part-parts and press them down into each cupcake. If your parts won’t stick, dab the bottoms into some of the leftover icing and try again.  Voilà! That’s it!
Zom-beh mini cupcakes.

Zom-beh food.

Zom-beh food.

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Holiday Baking Tips from the Cookie Lady

My friends call me the Cookie Lady. I pretty much have orders to fill around the holidays, so many people want me to bring cookies to holiday parties! So, how do I make so many cookies for every holiday event you ask? I cheat, that’s how! No, I don’t use store-bought or bakery cookies, I make my dough from scratch ahead of time and I freeze it. This is how I am able to make 6-10 batches of 4-5 types of cookies each holiday without taking off work or going bananas.

Step 1: Make your dough.
Make your favorite cookie dough in great big batches. I make around 3 batches at a time of each cookie type around the holidays.


Step 2:  Prepare to Freeze your cookies.
Line a baking sheet with parchment (or wax) paper and drop your cookies onto the sheet – place them super-duper close together. Pop that whole sheet right in the freezer!


Step 3: Make yourself notes for baking.
While the first sheet is firming up in your freezer, use the down-time to write your baking time, type of cookies, and temperature on some freezer bags. Then go prepare another baking sheet and get more cookies dropped on there, your first batch is nearly firm by now.


Step 4: Prep and store your frozen cookies.
After about 10 minutes for drop cookies and 15 for cut-outs go check and see if they are firm to the touch. They are? Good! Pop those suckers off the frozen tray and into the bag you just wrote on. For roll or cut out cookies I use one long wax paper sheet and zigzag after every three cookies. When a bag is filled, get all the air you can outta that bad boy and put the bag into your freezer. Technically, you are all set for you your own baking assembly line now! Or, as you can see from the eggs in my photo, you can keep making more dough.

DSCN2192DSCN2195cut outcut out 2

Step 5: Its go-time!
When you are ready to bake, preheat your oven and take what you need out of each freezer bag – you’ll be done in no time! And your big mess from making the dough is long gone, leaving you more time to decorate your cookies or get ready for that holiday party.final

Here are some more tips and tools I like that you, too, may find useful while baking:Cookie Scoops:
I use a cookie scoop for my drop cookies – it makes it go faster at ts his stage. I really like this one, a small cookie scoop, by OXO. The small one is about 2 tsp – my drop cookies come about 2″ in diameter using this. It is good if you are giving these cookie to little ones or you are making a huge variety of cookies, this way your friends can sample them all without too much guilt – LOL!


Storage Tips:
When you are done filling each bag, consider how long you will be storing these. If it is more than a week, you may want to put a thick layer of plastic wrap or double-bag them to be sure other food doesn’t ‘transfer’ rogue flavor into your cookies.

Bake Times:
I find that my drop cookies take about 5 or so extra minutes to bake if I bake them frozen right out of the freezer. For 1/4 inch cut outs you will need only 1-2 minutes extra when using frozen cut outs to bake. For 1/8 inch cut outs they are so thin I d not need to increase baking time. If this freaks you out – the watching and waiting –  just take out what you need and lay out on wax paper. Then let the tray thaw before baking.


Cooling Racks:
I use cooling racks for my cookies when it’s go-time. I have a small kitchen right now and I love this stackable set by Mainstays. I got mine at Boscov’s for 6$, but the box says Walmart.com. Go figure.


Don’t get greedy with all the time you save using these tips. You need to set time aside to decorate cookies AFTER you bake. Icing and other decorations will not freeze right and you will end up with garbage cookies that even the Cookie Monster would not touch. LOL.

Happy Baking!
❤ Roni

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