Ima be a little late…

Ima be a little late…on my next craft post, sorry! Murph paid me a visit last week. Actually, he kinda hung around all week:

Monday – I finished my work on the fundraiser staying super late after work and going in early. We all came together and pulled it off short a few members, as Murph was keeping them busy.

Tuesday – huge storm. Like HUGE. I worked late and was driving down I-95 to see a tree WITH ROOTS AND ALL fly horizontally across the highway. I was so happy to get home. Trees down everyplace and lots of folks lost power for the remainder of the week. Got myself settled and stupidly thought my trashcans were the only thing busted on my property. Soon, I realized Murph made sure that my A/C didn’t make it through the storm. My options are now Antarctica or Hades until I can get it serviced.

Wednesday – I had a friend coming into town that I haven’t seen since around 2004! Murph delayed his flight so many times that night they cancelled it altogether. By the time it was finalized it was too late to get anything done.

Thursday – was the fundraiser. Left work a 3pm to go do the setup. It went really well, Murph didn’t show up. We raised over $51k for CHOP!


Our fundraiser was a success!


Met up with my buddy Juan really fast on the way back from the fundraiser since his flight got moved to Thursday!


We saw this killer painted billboard for The Blacklist on South Street.


Penns Landing was hopping Friday afternoon!

Walking out of the house to go to the gym I see that Murph stopped by again and busted a huge limb off my tree.
Saturday – I had plans to see the Tall Ships with Dad and I made sure to get back early enough to get a post drafted. Murph called in some rain so I got home earlier than expected.IMG_6535IMG_6541IMG_6543IMG_6536IMG_6542


Worlds Largest Rubber Ducky!

I set out to make cupcakes I promised Clint before I wrote and the power went out. Murph wanted me to take a nap, I guess.
Went in to take said nap and heard water dripping. It was a mess dripping down the air duct shiney stuff so that you can’t tell whats wet and whats just shiney. It was really fun in the dark with a flashlight. 😦
Clint brought me his 6′ ladder and I was able to get in the ceiling crawlspace and rule out the A/C unit as the culprit. Found I had a leak in my roof!



I sat down like 10pm and opened a bottle of wine. It was like vinegar. Last bottle, too.

Sunday – I spent the whole day cursing Murph while taking care of things that went wrong this week. Rented a 32′ ladder to find out there is nothing wrong with the roof. Dad hiked it up there and found NOTHING. Looks like the ENE 30+ mph winds (that are atypical in intensity and direction for my area) simply pushed the water into the house under the flashing and/or shingles on the side of the dormer. There is really nothing actually wrong that we can tell. I need to wait and see in the next rainfall what happens, I suppose. After that I mowed the lawn since it FINALLY stopped raining and Dad fixed my back storm door that was sticking.
Found that the winds destroyed my basil and I had to pull those all out. Once that was done I cut up the tree parts that I can do myself without a chainsaw. Those are bundled and ready for the trash men.

After that I made an Italian chicken bake to eat for lunch this week, boiled some eggs for breakfasts and made some mint chocolate chip cupcakes for Clint. Wrote this, and I don’t think I will be getting to my planned early week craft post.

Have a great week guys! I am goin’ to clean up the kitchen and then stress-eat a cupcake.

Thanks alot, Murph.



Murph got a new job.

Murph got a new job, did you hear? Murph is now apparently working for Apple. They removed iPhoto. Forever. Unsupported. iPhoto, which had all my photos in neat little albums and folders, was how I liked to roll. In lieu of iPhoto, they added “Photos” – ugh.

It ain’t workin’.

Look for a lull in new posts until I can find a way to find that organization – or manually locate, import and then reorganize all of my 60000+ photos.)

Totally lost my screws here,

Murph is a big fat ruin-er of things!

It’s Presidents Day. I was supposed to have a nice short traffic-less drive to work today. It was gonna be great since I’m so busy right now. Alas, Murph showed up around 4:45 when my neighbors car alarm stared going off. So, instead of getting ahead at work I sit here on my kitchen floor with Murph, a blow dryer, the oven on full blast and a space heater pointed into the crawlspace behind the tub. Oh joy, the power has now gone out… Well, at least I have Hans and caffeine. So there’s that. 👎

If you need to unfreeze your pipes, check out this post. Sorry if this one has typos, I’m typing on my iPhone from under the sink in between sips of glorious caffeine. I promise to come back and spell check tonight.

Happy Presidents’ Day,
❤ Roni

The Liebster!


Ok. So if you don’t know about the Liebster you may have clicked right on in here looking for an ode to Rob Schneieders 1991ish Richmiester. Don’t want to disappoint so if you did get your fix here. So what’s up with this Liebster, anyway? I’ve been nominated by the lovely Lorna Syred over at Just Words for the Liebster Award. That’s what’s up! Lorna is a writer and teacher across the pond from me and she keeps a very awesome blog. When you stop by Just Words, be sure to check out her About page where you will find links to all of her writings not just those you will find on her blog. Shes made many online contributions has an Amazon Author page and one day there may be a novel! Continue reading

My birthday present from Murph!

Heading to my mans birthday dinner. Murph shows up with a birthday present for me (my birthday is tomorrow). A leaking ceiling. Murph, you really shouldn’t have! No, like, really, Dude. I’m sure glad I never got around to patching the ceiling up from last time! Womp womp!