DIY Recycled Notepads

Make your own notepads with recycled paper

I have been making these scratchpads for ages with old junk mail, messed up printer pages and recycled art prints. Its really easy and you only need binder clips and a maybe a paper cutter (if you don’t mess with scissors).

Check out the gallery below for the how-to. Hover over the images to read more about each step. Here are some ideas as to what is possible with this process:

  • Cut 8.5” x 11” pages length-wise to make grocery list pads.
  • Cut 8.5” x 11” pages into quarters to make small scratch pads to leave in your desk drawer, kitchen drawer, junk drawer and purse.
  • Use whole sheets to make sketch books for the kiddos.
  • Leave a back prong on to hang your notepad from a cork board.
  • Slide magnets under the last page to make it stick to your refrigerator.

Happy Recycling!
❤ Roni

DIY Hanging Jars

Hi crafters,

I have a tiny bathroom with barely any counter (or storage) space, so it gets messy pretty fast. I was regularly spending 20 minutes on clean up after I showered or did my hair! (Serial – It was like teenage mayhem in there and I’m in my 30’s, people!) I desperately needed a solution to keep girl clutter necessities to a minimum in terms of mess. I created hanging magnetic jars to address the problem.

magentic jars

Wanna get you some to rescue your space from clutter? Thought you might. Read on: Continue reading

Wooden Candle Stick Upcycle

I love metal candle stick holders but they are a FORTUNE – and to find a staggered set of 3 for pillar candles is near impossible. Not to mention that a single bronze one (that is good quality) can run you $45-1250!

Found these really nondescript candlestick holder thing-a-ma-bobber’s in a furniture store that was going out of business. The label on the bottom says that they are THT Designs, whose website sells them for 79.99 a set. Nope! They were only $7 for the set of three. I HAD to get them to try and upcycle at that price so I bought the two remaining sets. They were distressed in a shabby chic style and the colors didn’t work in my world: Red, Blue and Green.

So, quick trip to “Big Orange” and I found this kick ass hammered metal spray paint to make them new and purdy. I chose Dark Bronze, it was less than $7 and one can did all six candle holders! The paint worked really well and I would totally use it again when I need to put a coat of awesome on something crafty. Its thick and covers easy and fast. Dries shiny and aged and perfect! Not to bad for a project total of $20 and change, right?! Check it out:

Wooden Candlestick Upcycle

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OPP: Reupholstering Bamboo Chairs

As there has been a delay in work on the house, I have decided to start a new blog series: OPP. While I have much love for the 1990s, I’m not talking about an army with harmony, besides their version is gross. Here, OPP stands for Other People’s Projects. Without further ado, here is the first installation of OPP posts. Enjoy.

For awhile now the kitchen chairs in my grandparents house have looked a little…funky. Every so often, a couple of us make mention that they need replacing. By now the fabric is shredded, the stuffing is hanging out and, well, its really time for new chairs! They’re too busy doing a lot of doctor visits and such. A trip to the “chair store” didn’t seem likely to happen any time soon. But just look at these chairs:

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