Green Cleaning

Here is a quick set of links to all my DIY and green cleaning recipes. Enjoy!

DIY Fruit and Vegetable Wash August 17, 2015 - Today I would like to share my fruit and veggie wash with you all. It is SO easy to make at home and the store-bought stuff is very costly. Why don’t you try this out next time? I use this as a rinse for items I pull from my own garden, too. It gets any […]
DIY Antibacterial Spray June 8, 2015 - This is a recipe for the Antibacterial Spray that I use at home. The  Disinfecting Spray is more for everyday sanitizing purposes, where this is for those funky sinks, doorknobs and toilet lids. Try neutralizing those nasty’s with this punched up spray. Most households apparently don’t need antibacterial sprays, but I use this Antibacterial Spray on […]
DIY Disinfecting Spray June 2, 2015 - Hi everybody, Here is the spray I use for disinfecting counters and sinks after I have got a real mess going on. Just mix the ingredients right in your spray bottle. I don’t really worry about leaching so I use plastic bottles for now. I go through cleaning products fast and already have the bottles, […]
DIY All Purpose Cleaner May 26, 2015 - So a few of my friends were asking for my cleaning recipes. Here is the first of many – I use this mixture on counters, walls, table tops, kitchen sink & so on! Just mix the ingredients right in your spray bottle. I don’t really worry about leaching so I use plastic. Folks say glass […]
OPP: Spring Cleaning Reblog March 20, 2015 - Todays post is in honor of the first day of Spring! I came across these genious tips composed by Tara Patterson over at Wide Open Country and Abby Marino from Distractify. Check out Tara’s cleaning hacks here. And you don’t want to miss Abby’s DIY organizing solutions here. Happy Spring! <3, Roni

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