Finding Fitness

I have struggled with my weight…well…forever. To date, I have lost over 40 pounds! I gained and lost 30 of those pounds over and over these last 20 years. I finally found something that works to keep me steady. I have been drinking Shakeology for my breakfast and trading in my gym workouts for programs like the 21 Day Fix & Fix Extreme, P9ox3, Turbo Fire and more.

Shakeology is a total meal replacement that removes a daily meal from your shopping list. I use it in lieu of my vitamins, probiotic yogurt, vegan protein powder and my morning Wawa coffee (plus the food I would get there each weekday). I felt great and had noticeably curbed cravings after only a few days. I don’t usually want to eat junk anymore – and I work in a chocolate factory – so that is HUGE.

In my first 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix meal plan and workout program, I lost 18lbs and 16.25″. It is designed so that you don’t need to count calories. (I am clocking 1500-1800 per day following the meal plan just to give you an idea.) With the program you learn to eat clean: protein, veggies, fruits and healthy fats. Nothing processed, and no refined sugars. (You sweeten where needed with a small amount of honey.) In changing your usual diet, it takes around 3-5 days till stop no longer craving that stuff. Another big issue with a clean eating meal plan is usually alcohol. If Fix’ers have an drink, they ‘count’ a healthy carb as a 6 ounce pour of wine. Win! This program resets your mind and body on how to select food and workouts to get the best possible results. Many people’s main struggles is that it’s hard to eat all the food on the plan! Eating clean has WAY more volume to it than many folks are accustomed. Way more!

In addition to the meal plan, the 21 Day Fix workouts are much more efficient, too. Personally, I was spending 1-2 hours A DAY in the gym and counting every calorie. The 21 Day Fix’s workouts are dialed in to get you a total body workout by weeks end in daily 30 minute increments. There is even a modifier in each video that makes it harder or easier, depending on individual needs.

All Beachbody programs come with coaches and support groups. My Challenge Group and Coach supply me with such ASTOUNDING support, its made it impossible for me not to keep me going. There are always recipes, motivation and accountability just a Facebook login away! That’s the cherry on top that really made this all click and brought it full circle for me.

I spent my entire adult life hating my body and downing myself for being fat and failing at all attempts to make it better for myself. If I had these programs 15 years ago I feel that would have been a much happier person. I believe that this can help so deeply, that I joined Team Beachbody as an Independent Coach. Coaching is how I pay this forward – it’s too fabulous not to share. If I can help one person feel as great as I do, I will be content.

I am not yet at my goal weight with around 20 pounds to go. I hope you will follow my progress in the posts of this section and see for yourself how awesome these programs can work if you commit to applying them to your life.

Stay strong my friends,
<3, Roni

If you want to try this program out and have questions, I would love to help! Comment below, Email me at, or direct message me at  If you already have a Beachbody program from Amazon, infomercial or the Team Beachbody website – that’s ok! I would love to be your coach and help guide you along the way. Message me for information on how to get added to my FREE Facebook accountability group. We have a blast and support each other during our fitness journeys.

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