Losing Screws has a new blog series: OPP. While I got much love for the 90’s, I’m not talking about any army with harmony here…besides, their version is kinda gross. Here, OPP stands for Other People’s Projects. This will include reblogs of fantastic projects from my community of fellow crafters’, as well as projects that I happen to complete for other people.

Check in for new adds right here each Friday, on the regular.

OPP: Candy-Dipped Apple Pops October 16, 2015 - Clearly, I am on a craft store kick since this makes TWO Michael’s reblogs in about a week. This one is looking pretty easy and would make a great party snack. I will be doing this for sure! Look for pictures of my own apple creations in November. Check out the recipe & instructions here. […]
OPP: Glow in the Dark Floating Head October 9, 2015 - Ummm, Hello! How cool is this glow in the dark floating head? I need to make this. I have done the glowy eyes in the bushes in the past, but I ripped those bushes out last year. (Sorry Mother Nature, they were dying.) So this would be a great replacement project. I already have all […]
OPP: Pop Art Zombie Makeover October 2, 2015 - Today’s OPP is all about Halloween! Check the latest Halloween Series video from Volume Hair Studio’s YouTube Channel. Watch how stylist Rachael Martin creates an awesome Pop Art Zombie look. She makes it look so easy! How rad is that!? Rachael is accepting makeup appointments for Halloween. If you are local to the Philadelphia area, call […]
OPP: DIY Lead Paint Test September 25, 2015 - Today I am patching a ceiling in my bathroom and that involves some painting. (Yes, the Pope is in town and all the major roads are closed so I took a vacation day to spend on a ladder.) My house is pretty old so I had some folks asking me if I was worried about […]
OPP: Cinnamon-Orange Air Freshener September 18, 2015 - Today’s OPP is a post from Shaken Together Life. Click on for a how-to on making a crisp Fall air-freshener for your home.  Get the instructions right here on shakentogetherlife.com. I can’t wait to get the supplies to try this myself! They use a biodegradable water polymer that seems pretty safe. I dig it! Have […]
OPP: FitBit Covers September 11, 2015 - Today’s OPP is all about FitBit jewelry! You all know that I am addicted to my FitBit Charge HR. I only take it off to shower and for charging – which I try and do in the car so I can even sleep with it. This is me when I forget it on the charger: […]
OPP: Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks September 4, 2015 - Today’s OPP is all about makeup. And laziness. Don’t think they go together well? Wrong! Check this article out to see why: 17 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks You Need To Try. The article was written by my sister, Britt. If you like it, and I know you will, head over and check out Britt’s Vlog. […]
OPP: Color Coded Keys August 28, 2015 - Here is one I have used my whole life. Way cheaper than buying a key cover. You can color code to tell your front door from you back door. Or if your kids keep losing their keys and blaming one another, color code them for stealthy investigative purposes – haha! Add glitter, glue jewels to […]
OPP: Jewelry Hanger August 21, 2015 - Photo credit: Etincelle I don’t have a need to do this right now myself but it is SO NEAT I had to share. Follow the link below to learn how to make your own hanger for jewelry from a wooden hanger with screw hooks. Genius. Now I found this on the Polish blog, Entincelle. I […]
OPP: Firefly Jar August 14, 2015 - Here is one you can do this weekend with the kiddos: Glow Jars! No real fireflies will get dead, either! Check out The Gold Jelly Beans’s super cool tutorial, Making Glow Jars. I would also suggest you toss in some glitter like Tejas Morey suggests, to give it more punch! Tell your kids Tinker Bell […]

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